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Posted on: March 31, 2009

By now many of you have heard of Scrapbook Page Maps. A book by Becky Fleck full of wonderful layout sketches and examples to go with them. It’s an awesome book. But did you know there’s a website too? Go here and you will be amazed at the plentiful amount of sketches all waiting for you to personalize them in your scrapbooks. This is a site I refer to quite often. Most of the time, my final product ends up looking nothing like the original sketch, but having the foundation is such a huge help to me during those times of scrappers block. If you’ve never used a sketch, I challenge you to try using one of these. See if you like the process or hate it. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

~ Krista

PS – I’ll be seeing all of you this Friday at Class Kickoff right? ūüôā

No, not you!!¬† It is a new line from Bo Bunny Press.¬† It is all about dirt, worms and more dirt.¬† This is a great line for your boy pictures.¬† I don’t get to scrapbook boy pictures very often, but I have plenty of nephews.¬† And this paper would be perfect for all of them.¬† Everyone is always saying that there is never a cute boy line…. well here it is!¬† Grab it while it is still in stock.


Yikes! Easter is just around the corner. I’ve been so busy working on wedding and retirement invitations; ¬†I pushed my nephew’s Easter craft project to the side.¬†Bad Auntie!!! I found this cute floppy-eared bunny¬†crochet pattern. The ears, arms and legs are jointed, so the bunny is pose-able. And its embellished with one of my favorites…BUTTONS!!! Okay, so if I put in at least 2 hours a day until the 9th, I should have it completed in time for the holiday. I’ll let you know how it goes and of course share my photos too : )¬† Angie

howdy folks!

i wanted to share something i do with the mini kit for the SGT Calendar Club Class taught by goodtime girl Lizette…the mini is the add-on for the class each month…and i do something a bit different with it…

i make one of the pages that Lizette does for the kit…however, the second page pieces, i make into a card…it is perfect! i end up with a cute page and a cute card…i do this because i have a hanger on my door for the¬† page with the picture and the calendar page…and, i have something i am doing at the end of the year for my daughter…

i am making her a ‘year in the life’ book…one page will be the picture page and the other will be the calendar itself…where i will add a journal piece talking about what happened that month in her life…i am thinking just an index card type thing that is the same for every calendar page…here are some pictures of the last two sets before i added pictures so you have an idea of what i have done so far…

march09minicalendarmarch will get her birthday picture taken with her mini birthday cake…so i will journal about that …

april09minicalendarhere is the latest…april…so i will take a picture in the next few days to add to this page…to help me remember things i want to journal about, i add a post-it note to the back of the calendar and write my notes there…

here is the hanger on my office door…

minicalendarthe page hanger and ribbon came from the store…i didn’t notice if we have any in stock in this size, but i did see the large ones…

in case you haven’t been taking the class and getting the add-ons…have no fear, you can do this same idea using the many papers available in the store to catch up…the class kick off is friday, so it’s a good time to take a look at the new calendar months lizette will be offering!!!

i hope your week is GREAT and see you friday night!!!


What is the three embellishments or things you do or  use with out fail on your projects, which is kinda your trademark on your project?

Mine  is 1.buttons 2. twine 3. tags      Doreen

If you are looking for an easy way to add dimension to your layouts don’t forget scallops. Layering multiple scalloped borders, stamping small images on a scalloped border or punching holes in a scalloped edge are just a few ideas for a unique look.¬† The die-cut center at Scrappin’ Good Times has many die cuts with scallops. After a brief training on the use of the die-cut machines and a minimal fee you can use the die-cut center and all that it has to offer to help you enhance your layouts. Stop by and check it out.

…for you at our all day crop on Saturday, April 4.¬† Just¬†think of it: ¬†12 hours of scrapbooking time all to yourself.¬†¬† Working in the store surrounded by all the great ideas and samples is a sure way to get some¬†awesome pages finished for your scrapbooks.¬†¬† Give us a call to reserve your spot, and we’ll see you 10:00 Saturday morning!!¬† Barb

Well, if you are ready, then you better hurry and get yourselves over to Scrappin’ Good Times.¬† There are now only 4 spots left on our party bus.¬† This day is always such a blast.¬† It is a great way to see new scrapbook stores and meet some fun people.¬† Come on down!!!

Michelle S

With April just in a few days, I’m anxiously checking my email for that one email that will decide my fate (as long as I don’t decline) for the next year…¬† I have been waiting patiently for a month and a half now, and I’m getting antsy.¬† I want to know!

Ahaha, I bet you want to know what I’m talking about, huh?¬† Back in November, I sent in my application, went for my interview in February… in hopes of the opportunity to assist teaching English in Japan.¬† The yay or nay response is supposed to come in early April (isn’t it great how specific they are about the date?)¬† =/¬† I hope it comes early early April.

In other news, I can’t wait til Spring Break!¬† I have BIG plans to spend at least a couple days crafting and scrapping.¬† I’ve got my silhouette all set up, ready to go.¬† Just one more week to go!¬† I think this week, my goal will be to go through my pictures and see which ones I want to get printed… Unfortunately, all of my group projects are due this week, which doesn’t leave me with much time to do anything besides prepare for presentations… Sigh.¬† Never enough time to do everything I want to do.

‚̧ allie

This was a rough weekend. My daughter Allie had her RealCare baby. A RealCare baby¬†is a computerized baby which is programed by the teacher to cry, laugh and coo.¬†This was part of her Child Development class, which started on Friday at 4p.m. and ends Monday morning at 6a.m. When she explained that she would have this baby for a whole weekend, I thought how hard could this be? Well, it was plenty difficult. Allie had to wear a sensor wrist band which¬† identified her as the mother and only allowed her to figure out the problem. When the need of the baby was met, the baby would let out a laugh and would be fine for a while. There where times when Millie (that’s what Allie named her) would want to eat for 25 mins. , which was followed by burping, changing a diaper or just holding Millie for a short period of time. Whatever happened to the egg baby we had to carry around when I was in high school? It was a great lesson for a young girl and boy to experience teenage parenthood. I’m not ready to be a grandma and Allie is definitely not ready to be a mother!!!!!


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