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Happy Halloween. While the store is closed for its new makeover, you all should be out enjoying this exciting holiday and taking lots of pictures so you can scrap them all in the near future. If you’re like me, you have little ones. I have been slaving away over Hannah’s costume for the past several days. She has asked to be Thomas the Train. My husband is warning me, “You can’t get too attached to it. You know it’s going to be damp and that’s made of cardboard. It’s going to start warping.” My response … “All I care about is getting the pictures. I don’t care what happens to it after I have my pictures.” So what am I going to do to ensure this? I am planning my shots now. And I thought I would give you a link to a short little article on photographing Halloween subjects. It’s from my favorite digital photography site ( If you have a chance, head over to this article and get a few pointers. Then grab that camera and go enjoy the day.

Halloween Photography

Here’s to a safe and Happy Halloween for all of you.

~ Krista


Hello my happy scrappy SGT fan friends! How is everyone?

How am I you ask? Alive! I can tell the holidays are coming. A million things to do, not enough time to get them done, not to mention not enough energy.

I thought I would show you a quick little project I recently did for me and some of our close friends. Long ago we planned a trip to Temecula for some wine tasting. This trip has literally been in discussion since last Christmas and last weekend, the day time had finally arrived. So I was super excited to go and get my drink (uh, I mean taste?) on. Five couples were on board to go, three of which would be in our car. So I thought we’d probably need some way to tell each other’s wine apart. And if they were like me, they’d love to know why in the heck they bought a specific wine once they got it home and were ready to indulge in its fermented goodness.  So at 10:00PM the night before I began the creation of these:

IMG_5518 size

… personalized wine tags. The idea behind these is that you could write on the back why you liked the wine you were purchasing and then tie it to the top of your bottle so they didn’t get mixed up like so:

IMG_5526 size

They were really easy to make. A scallop circle punch, a smaller decorative circle punch, a hole punch, and some ribbon. Oh I guess a butterfly punch too.

I made everyone seven tags. Unfortunately we only used two. Perhaps I might have used more had I not come down with the stomach flu at the third winery!!!!! GRRRR! I started feeling very ill and thought, “There’s no way I have drinken enough wine to get me sick!” Sure enough it was the stomach flu, courtesy of my oldest Hannah. And while everyone else proceeded to taste wines, get tipsy, and enjoy themselves, I got to visit each winery’s bathroom and pray to their porcelain gods. (note: South Coast Winery has the nicest restrooms)

So these tags are not only good for wine bottles. You can make Christmas gift tags, birthday gift tags, Halloween party favor tags, etc.

Hope you stay healthy!

~ Krista

Ta da!

Posted on: October 4, 2009

Well the cake turned out well enough for me to post a picture of it here. If you don’t know what I am talking about, scroll down a bit to see where I posted about my crazy plan to make a princess castle cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday party.  I have to say, I am pretty pleased with the results. So much so that I am sure a layout will appear at the store in due time.

IMG_5093 edit size

Now on to Halloween costume creating. It never ends I tell ya!

~ Krista

When time allows I love to just roam from blog to blog to blog and see where I end up. A while back I was brought to Cosmo Cricket’s blog. I love their product and I really enjoy reading the blog posts. Recently they showed how to make a super cute gift bag/box/holder type of thing out of one 12×12 piece of cardstock and I thought I would share.


CC bag front



CC bag inside

So go here if you’re interested. Best thing is that any 12×12 paper will work. I have not yet made one of my own yet, but I will definitely be trying in the next couple of weeks. Comment on this post if you try it and it works.

~ Krista

If there’s any way you all might be able to make the next several days come at a snail’s pace, that would be wonderful. My precious first baby’s 4th birthday is this Thursday and in my typical fashion I am running around trying to get 100,000,000 million things done. Again … the curse of a crafter. I can’t possibly buy her a cake. No way! I am going to MAKE her this one:

princess castle cake

You can bet your booty if this cake comes out well, that I will post a ton of pictures. And if you don’t see it up on this blog next week, well … you know the fate of the cake. Yes, an unfortunate “fall” out my back door.

And the goody bags! Don’t get me started. I have had to scale back my original plans of making super hero capes for all the boys and princess wands for all the girls because my sewing skills are severely lacking. So as of now, all they’re getting are white chocolate lollypops. Again made by me. But those are so easy!!!!!! What do 3 and 4 years olds want in a goody bag? I can’t bring myself to put that plastic junk in them with those tiny parts that break in a day. I can’t afford to buy each bag a book or doll or something. My head hurts thinking about it. I know it will come to me in time. Or time will just escape and it will be what it will be. But in the meantime, stress and me are best friends! Yes, stress is my BFF.

But when Thursday arrives, my BFF will be temporarily banished because we are taking Hannah to Disneyland for the day. And, shhhhh … don’t tell her, but she’s going to get to go to Build-a-Bear too. I hope she loves it as much as I love the idea of it.

I hope everyone is enjoying these last days of September.

~ Krista

So today the LA County Fair opened. If you’re going be sure to stop by the scrapbooking section to check out all the submissions. I’ve heard rumor of some big ribbons for our SGT family. They should be located in the rooms underneath the bleachers for the horse races (at least that’s where they’ve been the past few years). I am not certain when I’ll be able to head over there but I can’t wait.

~ Krista


PS – yes they are serving chocolate covered bacon this year!

Let me preface that I am in no way trying to lay claim to this tip. I have not seen it posted anywhere before, but I know I cannot be the first person to come up with this idea. However, I do believe I came up with it on my own.

I keep seeing thse mini letter stickers on lots of talented scrapbookers projects. I decided I wanted some. But I had some dilemas. (1) I have two kids and can’t just pop into the scrapbook store when I want and (2) I hate to buy something if I can make it. So to appease my need for instant gratification, I began to ponder how I might be able to come up with something similar enough to those letter stickers. Below are some pictures and simple steps on how I came about my success.

I decided to open Word and type lines of each letter of the alphabet. I think I used a size 12 or 14 font in Times New Roman. Nothing fancy! I placed a blank line in between each letter at a size 6 font because I knew I would be trimming them into strips and wanted some extra wiggle room. I did them in black and printed on white cardstock. Then I changed the font color to brown and printed those out on white cardstock. Here’s what they looked like printed out.

IMG_4306 size

Then I busted out my handy dandy paper trimmer and began slicing the rows of letters into strips. Note: I didn’t get all anal about making each row the exact same width. I eyeballed it based on the size of the letter. So my lowercase “a” row is going to be thinner than my lower case “l”. Here’s the finished product. Yes, that is the same carpet, I just got lazy in my photoediting hence why it looks different in this picture.

IMG_4312 size

Now I have all these strips of letters and whenever I wish to have that letter sticker look I am talking about, I find the correct strip and snip off one of the letters. Then I just drag all the edges across my inking tool with the right ink color and voila! I have letter stickers to help me with my journaling and/or titles.

letter stickers

The great thing is you can make these whatever color font you want, whatever font style you want, whatever font size you want, and can print on whatever color paper you want. Thus making the possibilities seemingly endless.

~ Krista

So I can’t even believe I am going to share this with you and if I am kicked off the design team for having admitted this, well then I guess I won’t be able to blame Trish. A few weeks back, after doing my normal blog hopping, I decided that I was really liking this Kraft paper trend. I know it’s not exactly a new trend, but it takes me a while to jump on board with things. So anyways, I liked this Kraft paper and wanted to get my hands on some. Never wanting to spend my money elsewhere when I can spend it at SGT, I shot off an email to Michelle asking if we had ever carried and it and if we could carry it. Here comes the embarassing part … her response was that we have been carrying it for the past couple of YEARS! Doh!!!!

So why am I telling you this? Well, because maybe there’s someone else out there like me (I hope I hope I hope). Who doesn’t take the time to scour every square inch of the store (like a good design team member does), and has been wanting to get their hands on some Kraft paper. It’s in the same area as all the cardstock. The day after I found this out, I ran in to get my hands on a pile of it. One of my DT layouts for September uses the Kraft paper. Here’s a peak at one of the pages. You have to come into the store to see both.

 ladybug pg 1

I love Kraft paper because it really can coordinate with any paper line. It’s a great neutral. And though I didn’t do it for this particular project, stamping on it with black Staz On makes it look marvelous!

Happy Kraft-ing!

~ Krista

PS – Here’s hoping I am not fired after this confession.

I love crops! With two little ones, it’s not easy for me to get a lot of scrapping done here at home. So going to a crop is a dose of much needed focussed scrapbooking time, company, supplies, and fun.

You’re lucky because there are a few that are upcoming. And you can’t beat the deals.

First off, every Tuesday morning, there’s a free crop. I pop into the store on Tuesdays from time to time, and let me tell you, those girls are having fun. Some of the regulars even bring snacks! Yum!

Then on Friday 8/14 and Saturday 8/15, there’s a back to back crop.
Friday, August 14 5 pm – 11 pm $12
Saturday, August 15 10 am – 10 pm $20
or come both days for $25 (if you do both days, you can leave your stuff at the store on Fri night)

And then the most fun one that coming up is Crop-cation
Friday, 9/4 thru Monday, 9/7. 
A total of 36 cropping hours over those 4 days for only $50.
You come and go as you please. Your spot is reserver all 4 days so you can leave your project and supplies there the whole time.  I highly recommend this one!

So sign up now because spots won’t last.

How to prepare for a crop:

Prior to going to your crop, begin looking at what supplies you’re using most frequently so you can make mental notes of what to bring to a crop (specific inks, tools, embellishments, etc — your staples; your go to items). Most people recommend semi-planning out your layouts ahead of time. I know many of our girls will group patterned papers, coordinating cardstock, and embellishments with their photos into a separate bag so that all they need to do is pull out that “kit” and begin work.

If you’ve never been to a crop, don’t be intimidated. Everyone is super nice and helpful. If you need anything from a supply to advice on a layout, there’s plenty of people to help you out.

Hope to see you there!

~ Krista

Those of you that receive our newsletter saw the call for LA County Fair entries. Did you know that there is a section at the fair that showcases scrapbooking projects? Did you know you can enter your work? I have done it for the past 3 years and it’s been great to see the display area for scrapbooking get larger and larger. Let’s all see if we can’t get it to be even bigger this year.

Here’s the deal … you don’t have much time left to get your entry form sent off with your entry fee. It must be postmarked by July 9, 2009. Yes, that’s technically TODAY. Here’s where you can find the form. Edited: I guess my link doesn’t let you print out the form, so go here and then click on “Tapestry Entry Form” link. From there you can print it out and then fill it out and mail it off TODAY.


For Division #, enter 2418 (that’s Scrapbooking)

For Class #, enter 1 (Themed Page – a layout), 2 (Invitation or Announcement), 3 (Keepsake, Altered Book – a mini album), 4 (Greeting Card) or 5 (Other, specify)

For Description, descibe your project. Give as much detail in the space provided as you can, so you can get your project back after the fair is over.


Your projects have to be at the fair by July 14th. That’s next Monday.

I am entering 4 projects.  Projects that are already completed. I am not making new ones. I know you have plenty in your stash that you can part with for a couple of months. Let’s show the world (or LA County) that we scrapbookers are awesome! Please don’t think that your work is not worthy of being displayed! It is! It was made with love, passion, and creativity. Why shouldn’t that be showcased? And who knows? You might even get a ribbon.

I hope to see your work at the fair.

~ Krista

PS – Please submit original work and not projects you made in a class. We want to see YOUR designs.

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