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I can’t believe it…Tomorrow is December and back to reality. I’ve had a wonderful week off from public education but tomorrow, it’s back to 1,200+ kids. Something happens after Halloween… time speeds up! Have you ever noticed that?  Just as I was getting used to a bit or relaxation  after the Thanksgiving rush, I walked out of my front door this morning, and what to my wondering eyes did appear…. my neighbors all had their holiday decor out, lights up, and were ready for Santa. So much for one last carefree day, I spent the rest of the day putting up the outside lights and making turkey noodle soup from the thanksgiving leftovers. The inside decor will have to wait, but at least I’m not the only unlit house on the block. The days will speed by & suddenly the hoildays will be here! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving- we do have so much to be thankful for.

I have no idea how these flip flop girls do it. Just to let you know my feet were nestled in my warm fuzzy Ugg boots all day yesterday. The funny part is that I am right here in San Dimas and I was totally freezing all day yesterday, then I read Trish’s blog entry and Julies and they are sporting their flip flops in Colorado… in the SNOW. They must have some pretty tough little toes to get through that. My toes would never survive outside California.

I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving too.  It was very small this year since most of my family was out of town and my Mom and Dad are now living in Idaho.  I cooked our traditional family turkey dinner for just my little family and my sister, Cheri.  With a 21lb. turkey and all the fixens we had plenty of leftovers, so I have been eating turkey sandwhiches for days.  Yum!!  The best part…Jamie came home for the week.  We enjoyed her company as much as possible when she wasn’t off hanging out and catching up with friends.  The week went by way too fast and my hubby is already missing her.  He says what he misses most is walking past her room in the morning before leaving for work and seeing her all snuggled up under the covers.  Seeing her empty room makes him sad.  Good news…she will be back for Christmas.  So Trish, when she left home she was in a t-shirt, capri’s, and flip-flops.  And she wore these clothes knowing that when she got off the plane in Denver it would be 25 degrees and snowing.  You girl’s are CRAZY!!  I would be dressed in my parka and snow boots!!!!    Julie

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, spending a special day with family.  We do not have family close by but I still prepare the traditional Thanksgiving meal for my husband and the girls.  This year one of my daugher’s and I decided to venture out and brave the “black Friday” sales.  We were at Brea Mall before 6:00 AM on Friday and there was not a parking spot to be found other than across the street in the Olive Garden parking lot!  This scenario should have told us something but we’re no quitters so we continued on into the mall on our shopping adventure.  As expected we were greeted with shoulder-to-shoulder shoppers and one long line after another.  However, this was a successful trip and in some unusual way it did get us into the holiday spirit and was a day we spent together.  Take time this holiday season and make special memories, even if those memories are at a mall on the busiest shopping day of the year!



trsnow4Can anyone guess who might be wearing FLIP FLOPS in the SNOW?????

Yes, it is none other than Trish. We are in Colorado for a few days and the perpetual flip flop wearing Trish is STILL refusing to give up her prized possessions!

It snowed on us last night and today! We are having fun with family, and wish that all of you had a Great and Happy Thanksgiving.  Celebrate your life and family, they are the most important things you’ve got!

By the way that creature in the snow is cousin Crystal’s Yorkshire Terrier Bogie.

Do you ever feel like each Holiday seems like a blur? I can remember when I was young, Christmas didn’t come fast enough and now I wish there was more time. I have great memories of baking cookies, wrapping presents and decorating the tree. I just hope that I can continue to create memories for my daughter that aren’t filled with rushing around and the feeling of being out of control. As we all know the Holidays can be a little crazy!!!!!!! So…. I’m making an early New Years resolution. I’m going to make time as a family to decorate the tree, bake some cookies and maybe even see a movie, whether they like it or not!!!!!!!!



So.. you know how I’m in a sorority?  Well, we had our annual Thanksgiving Sisterhood this past Monday… and a lot of the alumni came out (myself included!)  We had a whole spread of sisters ranging from Charter class to the newest Chi class… which may not mean a lot to you, but it’s kool to see girls who joined the sorority in the mid 1990’s…

It was super fun and of course, there was tons of food!  These ladies made my college experience worthwhile.

Anyway,  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

Many of you may already be sitting in line outside SGT as we speak awaiting those awesome deals. If you are not already there you better get there fast, it’s not too late. The cooking can wait you will be home in plenty of time to stuff those turkeys. You wont wanna miss it….treat yourself to some Quickutz at an awesome price or maybe even a Silhouette if you’ve been extra good this year. I am unfortunately missing this sale, it’s the first time in 3 years. I still remember being the 2nd person in line at 5:00 am the day after thanksgiving 3 years ago waiting to purchase one of those super cool blue Quickutz hand tools. I know you all remember these. My hand is aching just thinking about it. I am off to the NKOTB concert tonight. For those of you who don’t know who that it is, its New Kids on The BLock!!!! I am super excited. I know some of you may think I’m crazy but I loved them when I was younger,  I cant wait to see them perform. I will post some pics when I get back. Happy turkey day to you all!


If you’re looking for a good, strong adhesive to use on all your bling,  you’ve got to try this great product.  I absolutely love it, and I use it every time I need to adhere any rhinestones to my projects.  Just put a little dab behind your rhinestone and adhere it to your project.  Once dry, it is very strong.  If you try to remove your rhinestone, part of the paper actually comes off with it.  I have several projects that are at least four years old and all my bling is still securely attached.  Must try!!!


Cosmo Cricket’s new holiday line simply called “Joy” is an old fashioned, snowy Christmas dream. I love the vintage feel of all of their papers – but this one reminds me of cocoa in a cabin watching an old “Holiday Inn” movie. I love the old mittens and embellishments to create your own snowman. They have chipboard shapes with a cute name “Buck Naked.” The papers all have the same nineteen forties Christmas feel to them. Proudly named: Reindeer Games, Yuletide, Mitten Mitten, Wrapping Paper, Frosty, Merry & Bright, and the journal strip sheet is comically called “Oh Joy Strip Tease!” This is a great line to break out some of your old Christmas photographs and put together some pages. Happy Christmas Creating -Susan

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