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Happy Halloween to everyone!!!  Take lots of pictures of those little trick-or-treaters, and big ones too!!  Julie

Wow, where did October go?  Here I go again waiting til the last minute to get my blog in.  I was thinking about what to blog, and I realized I hadn’t posted any of the great pictures my daughter, Devon, took for us at our recent Passionately Pink for the Cure two-day crop.  First off, thanks to Trish for hosting the fund-raiser event, and thanks to all the wonderful ladies who attended and made the two-day event so much fun.  Let me share with you some photos…

    Here’s Trish and Devon (our little photographer).


  Here’s our crazy crop table early in the day.  I love to peek over everyone’s shoulder and see what they’re working on.


    Trish and Gilbert found a website where they could make us a Bingo game.  So we had our own Scrap Bingo.   

   We played several games (using pink buttons, of course), but we never stopped with just one winner.  On one of the Saturday games, we kept going, and Lizett called a spot and we had all five (or maybe six) of the last girls call Scrap Bingo at once.  Everyone got a prize that game!

    Love Casanova-Walker was the winner of the contest for who could collect the most Susan G. Komen donations for our fundraiser.  Thanks, Love, for collecting over $450!!!


   We also had a helper, Scrappy, for our who could complete the most pages on Saturday contest.  When someone would finish a page or two, they would call out “Scrappy” and the person who had Scrappy had to toss him to his new owner. Jill (above) and Vickie (below) tried hard to hang on to Scrappy by completing many great pages. 

But our winner was Victoria Booras.  She completed 13 beautiful pages on Saturday alone, and she even had to leave early!  Victoria left very happy that she had completed her scrapbook for a recent vacation trip to Hawaii with her family.  She used her winning crop refund to pay for the next two months 12-hour crops…where I’m sure she’ll be creating more great pages.

   Way to go, Victoria!


As everyone was getting a little tired and in need of a little energy boost, we decided to try something new and play musical chairs!

  Here we are down to the last three contestants.  You know how big our crop tables are.  We had one chair on each side of the table.  Gilbert was in the office in control of the music and couldn’t see where the girls were.  Finally, only one chair…

   Heather and Jill were the last two contestants.  Heather was the lucky one to be right by the chair when the music stopped.  Our always generous Trish gave prizes to both of the girls!

We also had a Scrapenger Hunt.   We had a lot of wonderful prizes to give away and lots of great food.  Victoria baked pink frosted cookies, and Lizett made pink ribbon cupcakes.  I, of course, had the coffee pot brewing Vanilla Nut coffee most of the day!




I hope everybody had as much fun as I did!!!  I look forward to many more awesome crops at the store.   Barbara

If you haven’t checked it out already, you better get to the store while it lasts. We just got in a couple new lines from Basic Grey and needless to say they are Super Cute. I was in a few days ago and had to grab a few sheets of each. Here is a sneak peek of my favorite line it’s called Urban Prairie. These are just a few, so make sure you come in and check out the rest.

I know it’s still a day early but I work tomorrow and that means I won’t have time to wish it to you then. I was bad today and didn’t get the girls in their costumes so I could take some photos of them in good light without the rush to get on the streets for trick-or-treating. Hopefully tomorrow night I will have some to upload and post. My little “nice dragon” and mermaid. This time of year is so fun. Be safe everyone!! ~ Krista

To all you ladies out there with little ones.  Cherish them while they are small because they grow up soooo fast.  In exactly 20 days, my baby will be turning 16 and at 9:00 am he will be getting his driver’s license.  So this actually may be a precautionary blog to clear the streets on November 19th. 

We are having a special party for him to celebrate on the 22nd and Trish, our talented owner, was gracious enough to make the invitations for my little baby.  It is so easy to come up with an idea for a girl’s sweet 16 party, but boys are a bit harder.  And everyone who knows Trish knows that she is awesome at making invites for parties.  She even did my 40th (I mean 30th) birthday invites.  I wanted to share some pictures of his great invitations.  I, of course, blacked out my address so I won’t have any crazy party crashers.  You know who you all are!!!

Happy Scrapping and have a happy Halloween!!


Whew!  I had such a productive day today, and it feels so good to get so much done.  I started off the morning by paying all my bills online, I cleaned up my scrapbook room, I then turned on my Silhouette and cut out all the letters needed for the Season of Giving Joy Blocks, I scored all the little folders for the SOG Notepad Holder and cut out all the tiny velcro squares needed to keep them closed. I then took a break and Arturo and I went to the movies and saw “Pride and Glory”.  We loved it!  Lots of action, lots of violence, but great story.  Afterwards we went to The Hat and shared a pastrami sandwich and an order of fries….yummy!  When we got home, I went straight to my scrapbook room and got to work again.  I put  together another 50 inking blocks.  I know so many of you have been waiting for these, and I’m sorry that I just can’t seem to put them together fast enough.  These 50 inking blocks will be for sale tomorrow, Oct. 31st. The cost for each block is $.99 and each comes with 3 felt pads.  I love using these blocks for inking. If you’ve never used these before, ask for a demo the next time you see me in the store.

Don’t forget, SGT will be closing at 3 pm tomorrow so everyone can get ready for all those trick or treaters.  Happy Haunting!

So… I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to finally buy into the Quickutz craze and get my very own Revolution… and not to mention the uberly cute dies… I been working at SGT since.. July?  I’ve been able to hold off on it for a whole whoppin’ 4 months??  Wow, that’s not very long, but then again, who can really resist the holiday gift sets and the price cut in the Revolution itself?!  BUT, the bummer is… having to wait for the Revolution to come in from the special order… I have the dies, but not the machine to use them with!  Haha, I can’t say that I’ve ever been known to do things in the correct order… and this is definately one of those times when I do it all backwards.  Oh well… but all I can say is… I CAN”T WAIT!!  Although, I have to admit, I’m a little bit scared of how addicted I will get… and not being able to resist buying all the dies possible, whenever possible…

I CAN’T WAIT to finally have a Revolution of my very own!!

The End.

If you haven’t already jumped on the Quickutz craze, now is the time to do it. Two years ago when I purchased my Revolution it was over a hundred dollars, now you can get one for only $39.99. I decided to buy another at such a low price it’s always good to have a back up. Another reason is so I don’t have to keep changing out my platform, I can just keep one for regular 4×4 dies and one for all my border dies. Feel free to come by the store for a demo, you will absolutely love,love,love Quickutz. I know I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just enter “grateful13” in the access code and load up on some very cute stuff!!  Hope you enjoy!!  Gotta love free goodies!


My fabulous Thursday night partner Judy has created a Halloween frame that is too cute to miss.  It is perfect for that Halloween photo of your favorite ghost or goblin!  If you would like to bring your own supplies, you will need Charcoal ink and adhesive.  There are some small QK die cuts so perhaps some tweezers if you are challenged like me!  I hope to see you all there!

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