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I just used my ribbon iron for the first time this morning. It really works just like a regular iron but compact so your able to take it with you on crops or just tucked away in your bag. If you didn’t get one, I think we still have a few in stock it was my great buy for the month.



Just want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. May 2009 be good to us in more ways than we can imagine. If you’re beginning to think about your New Year’s Resolutions like I am, jot them down and the make a layout about them. It’s a great beginning to a 2009 scrapbook and will be a wonderful to thing to look back on at the end of the year as well as many years down the road. Good luck.

I was browsing on you tube last night and discovered that there are several videos with some great ideas on how to use your scor-pal. There were videos teaching you how to make cute boxes, envelopes and even CD cases. The videos are great becausethey show step by step instructions and you can even pause the videos to take some notes or event to try the projects out yourself while watching them. Make sure you check it out, just type scor-pal in the search bar on I hope you find some great ideas just in time for valentines day. You can also find some ideas on the scor-pal website at



I was searching online for some new inspiration and ran across this neat idea for stitching.  I love my sewing machine but sometimes I just feel lazy and don’t want to drag it out so next time I think I will try this idea.  Poke holes in your paper with a needle and then connect all the dots with an archival pen.  It’s that simple and really easy!  Happy New Year to everyone!!   Julie


After Christmas, I have to admit, I love it when the Valentine Papers come into the store. It is so refreshing! Gone is the red, green and white and in comes soft pastels and whimsicle patterns.  My Minds Eye has a new line called Irresistible. I love this one, because it not only lends itself to the Valentine layout, but also a cute girls layout or a friendship layout. I used this paper to create a layout about “Special Person’s Day” at my kids school. The student brings a “special person” from their family or a friend to their classroom and introduces them to the class, they attend a special assembly at the field and then break for lunch that is brought in. Last year we had Panda Express cater our lunch. Yummy! But getting back to the paper, My Minds Eye came out with several patterns, all lending themselves to photographs. The papers are not bright or “fight” with a photograph. This line would also make a cute “Brownie Girl Scout” page. There is even a die cut sheet that has journal boxes, hearts, tags and a heart with wings. If you own the Scrappin’ Good Times die from Quickutz that is a heart with wings, then this is the perfect paper for you too! You can use your die with the coordinated papers. Happy creating! -Susan B.

If you watched the news over the last few days, you probably heard about the Christmas Eve tragedy in Covina. A man dressed as Santa Claus went to his ex wife’s parent’s home and shot several members of the family and set the home on fire. When it was over, nine family members lost their lives and the family home burned to the ground. Our friends, Christina, James and Veronica lost both of their parents, their grandparents, an uncle, three aunts and a cousin.  In all, 13 children lost one or both of their parents.  There are no words that can describe how horrific and sad this is. 

We are power in numbers. There are two things we can do for this family:

1. Pray, Pray, Pray. Please add the Ortega Family to your prayer lists and/or prayer groups.

2.These children have to arrange and pay for nine funerals.  We will be taking a collection for a gift to help the Ortega Family.  Please open your hearts and help this family out. If we each donate a few dollars we can give a substantial gift to help this family. If you are interested in donating, please stop by the store or give us a call.  Checks can be made out to James Ortega.    

Thank you!!




If you have taken a recent trip to Disneyland or plan on taking one this coming year, make sure you check out the new Real Magic line from Reminisce. It is super cute and in just in time for the free admissions to Disneyland for your Birthday. Just visit and register your birthday and as easy that you get in free on your birthday. Now you will have plenty to scrap. Here is a sneak peek of the new line be sure to check out the glitter nesting circles and borders. You better hurry it’s going fast.

Hi Girls!  Why oh why are the holidays on Thursdays this year?  I have really missed seeing my Scraptherapy patients 😦  January 8th can’t come fast enough!  I am looking forward to a new year of fun and fabulous projects and, of course, spending time with all of my wonderful “patients”.  I am wishing all of you a very happy and healthy 2009…and remember people….don’t get arrested on New Year’s Eve…I don’t have bail money!!!

Scrap Therapy for January 8th

Scrap Therapy for January 8th

hugs to all…..Dr. Heidi Ho

As I’m spending this special Christmas Day with
my immediate family I want to wish my extended
family at Scrappin’ Good Times a very special
day too. Also, if for some reason you did not
get everything on your Christmas list, stop by
Scrappin’ Good Times very soon, they will have
everything your little heart desires. Happy

Ladies tomorrow is the last day of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and there are some GREAT deals. 

One of the great offers for tomorrow is the Zutter 25% sale.  This even includes  the new Pink Version 2.0 Bind it All by Zutter.  These are so stinking cute.  I have to have one! Does anyone want to buy a used blue one?  LOL  These new improved ones will cut through thicker materials now.  Sometimes when you get the cardstock adhered to the chipboard it gets a little to thick to use your old Bind it All.  This one will change all of that.  There are even more settings on this one.  There is a new price of $74.99, but with 25% discount it will be worth it.










There is even an adorable Pink bag to put your Bind it All in.  It is coincidentally called the Bag it All.  It retails for only $29.99 minus your 25% discount. 

The best part of this offer is if we run out then we will let you order one still with the same discount.  Most of these sales are limited to stock on hand, but Trish was feeling generous. 

Another great offer is a paper pack from Scrapworks called the Season of Giving and it contains 12 pieces of paper and 1 sheet of stickers.  If any of you remember the Halloween one we offered in October then you know that at $2.99 (regular price $11.99) it is a steal. 

Ladies, also don’t forget to get any of our in stock ScrapTherapy projects or holiday projects for a 25% discount too.  These projects are usually super easy and will make all of your friends ask you, “Did you make that?”  And you can honestly reply that you did. 

If I don’t see you before Christmas, have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Michelle Sissons

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