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Tour de CropDon’t miss the bus!!  There are only 7 spots left for the Tour de Crop Bus Tour.  I met with the girls from Collective Journey and Scrapbook Boulevard.  Sounds like this Bus Tour is going to be sooooo much fun!!!  We will get back to you with all the details in the next newsletter!!!  Trish

Update: Our bus tour is sold out, but there are a few spots left over at Scrapbook Boulevard. Give them a call.

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10 Things I love Clipboard AlbumHere’s a picture of the class we taught last night. thanks to all the girls who took the class and to PJ for selling her seat to a confused but sweet customer.  -Melissa

Our class kick off last Friday night was so much fun! Each instructor displayed their classes for the next two months. There was a buzz in the air as customers lined up at the register to sign up for their favorite classes that night so they could receive a ticket for a chance to win a free class of their choice! Be sure to check out the classes on our class fixture, there is a sample from each one! –Susan

You have to come by and check out the new window.  Every time Joy and Melissa do a new window I say “This is my favorite one”  They have done 3 windows and I have 3 favorites!!  Really this one is super cute.  It is pink and red with splashes of silver.  True to form there is lots of BLING….glitter and feathers too!!!  You have to come see it for yourself!!

So here’s my test blog. Thought I would attach a picture of Hannah patiently waiting and snacking at the store while I tried to get a picture of my class for the website. It’s one of the few moments she’s ever sat still … in her life.  Hannah @ SGT

If this works, I agree that this blog is WAY easier. See you all soon. ~ Krista

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