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The SGT window has a new look.  Gilby hung some new beautiful chandeliers and I worked all day changing out the window.  It still needs a few finishing touches and our new look will be complete.  Come on in and check it out!  Julie

A couple of us good time girls headed over to Escondido 2 weeks ago, to spend a fun filled weekend of scrapbooking. Well when we get together we tend to get a little wild and crazy, we definitely have a GOOD TIME. So with all the scrapping we had to do, and all of the tools, paper and embellishments we dragged up there you would have thought we would have plenty to keep us busy. Well, we found a few more things to keep us busy. We decided to have a bubble blowing contest with a huge bag of Double Bubble that Valerie had brought. The girls all started chewing as many pieces of gum that they could fit in their mouth. They all looked so silly, just chewing and chewing and chewing. Then the bubble blowing began, we must have spent an entire hour having our contest…these girls are just so competitive. Well after lots and lots of laughs and bubble gum, we finally had a winner.

Can you guess which Good Time Girl was the winner?

This is my absolute favorite time. Every other month we have a class kick off to debute the classes for the next two months. I get so excited to see all the new projects, mini books and layout classes. It’s so much fun to see the classes displayed and to see our customers getting just as excited. So if you have never been, it’s this Friday from 5-7pm. Hope to see you there.


My husband is sooooo smart!  I don’t know what I would do without him.  He downloaded this awesome program into my computer called FastStone Screen Capture.  The web address is  This program allows you to easily capture anything on the screen including windows, objects and menus. 

I was trying to cut an image that was on my Silhouette program (I needed the 12×12 format) with my Pazzles and was pulling my hair out in the process.  It wouldn’t let me copy it and save it in a JPEG.  My darling husband heard the foul language coming out of my scrapbook room and came running to my rescue.  This program worked like a dream.  I think I will keep him!!!


As you may know, the monthly showcase at SGT is now based on a sketch. So unlike the past where the common element is a theme or a color scheme, now it is the underlying “grid” of our layouts that are shared. The beauty of this is that you are seeing *so* much delicious variety from designer to designer. (Hopefully, this opens a whole world of possibilities to you too when you come and check the showcase out!)

What I thought was especially interesting this month was that Barabara and Barbara and I happened to choose the exact same paper line — Vita Bella from Little Yellow Bicycle by Deja Views (C-Thru Ruler). We Good Time Girls don’t usually all discuss our page plans in advance, so I had no idea of the coincidence until the showcase was put on display.

Have you ever worried that if you use a sketch or page blueprint, your page won’t look original or it will look just like other pages done from the same sketch? Take a look at our two layouts and you will *KNOW* why the most common myth about sketches is completely untrue. Even though we started with the same sketch, used the same paper line and essentially the same color pallette, our layouts are very different from each other.

We’ve both applied our own design sensibilities to the sketch. For example, we each chose different sheets from the paper collection and then “tilted” our color scheme with our choice of cardstock color. We’ve accented our pages differently. Barbara’s layout is glitzy, girly, and glamorous with lovely rhinestone flourishes to accent Devon’s beautiful prom photos. I, instead, used felt and buttons for a more casual layout that suits my LegoLand photos.  I’ve also flipped the sketch (in effect, a “mirror” version –you can also rotate, or otherwise modify a sketch to suit your needs).

Give page layouts a try! In the words of a certain M. Stewart, they are a “good thing.”

(click on the thumbnails for a larger view)

That’s right. Barbara and I will once again be teaching a QuicKuz Anonymous class together in November. It’s been since March when you last saw us team up. So we’re back and we’ve got a great class in store for you. Stop by Scrappin Good Times this Friday for Class Kickoff (begins at 5PM) to see its debut, along with all the other fabulous upcoming classes. I hope to see many familiar faces that I have missed for so long.

~ Krista

I am soooo glad that fall shows are back on!!  I wanna here the good times girls’ favorite shows this season… Some of my favorites are:

Grey’s Anatomy


Dancing With the Stars

America’s Next Top Model

Lipstick Jungle


I think I can go on and on but then you will all realize what a couch potato I have been!  So let’s hear it!!  I can’t be missing anything!!

Saturday is the day. If you don’t have a cute pair of pajamas, it’s not too late. If you have never been on a bus tour before, you’re in for a real treat! We have so much planned and plenty of party music too! So put your slippers on and get ready for a fun filled day! See you Saturday!


I have a photo secret when I am fresh out of ideas for taking pictures.  I search photography wesites and print off the pictures.  When I am out taking pictures all I have to do is pull out a photo that I printed off and say, “pose like this!”  It’s much easier than trying to pose your subject.  Julie

Well if you have never been before. . . .you must try it at least once, and this is the perfect time. This is how I found SGT,  and I even went alone my good friend was sick and did not make it, so I went alone. I had a great time. . . .treat your self to something good.

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