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I was watching this one show in which this lady and her team come into a home and help organize the home.  The houses are generally very messy and cluttered, the exact image of my room… One of the biggest reasons why their rooms are so cluttered is that they just simply have too much stuff and the first step is always to get rid (either donate or toss) all of the stuff that they don’t need.  Which got me thinking… My sorority was having a sleepover sisterhood and they were planning to watch movies, play games, and do arts and crafts… well, I thought that I would do some minor purging of my craft supplies, namely, scrapbooking paper and stickers… And I gave them a TON of stickers and a stack of paper about 4 inches.  AND it didn’t look like I did anything.. there’s no big space in my room that is now empty… BUT, the good news is.. now that I’ve gotten rid of a lot of paper and stickers that I know I wouldn’t use… I can replace them with all of the uber cute paper and embellishments from SGT… There’s always new lines of paper in..  =)  Anyway, take a looksie on how much I donated to them.  I’m super proud of myself for being able to part with my supplies… well, some of my supplies.img_1271img_1272img_1276I definitely have a long long long way to go before my room looks decent… but it’s a good start.  Until I replace all that ish that I donated to the sorority… LOL.  Oh well.  Out with the old, IN with the new.  =)

Hi Ladies,

I opened up a new arrival in the back and lo and behold…. it is the Cottage Mills Dot Boxes in all the different sizes.  I don’t know if any of you have checked out our beloved organization freak  (oops, I mean owner) Trish and her obsession with the Cottage Mills Storage System, but if you are in the store ask her to show it to you.  She really did outdo herself.  It even inspired me to use this system myself.  Come to the store and check out this organizational system.  It is really COOL!

Cottage Mills 1

Click for a Close Up



So, you may not know this but some people think I’m a Scrap Queen. Notice that I didn’t say Scrapbooking Queen. Nope. I’m the Queen of Scraps. So, I thought I’d share with you my scraps insights.

During the time that I’ve been scrapbooking I’ve made lots of adjustments and improvements in how I store my supplies and tools. Scraps was one of the areas that was really difficult to tame and manage in the early days. I couldn’t bear to throw away the lovely leftovers from my pages and projects. At first, I stored them by project thinking that made the most sense. But I found out that I never ever remembered to go dig thru those project files.

Somewhere along the line I figured out that sorting by color was the way to go, so I diligently sorted everything and moved up to 12×12 page protectors for storing. But I still had a few problems. First, I was saving EVERYTHING (can you imagine how the scraps pile up if you don’t throw any of them away –especially during real productive scrap sessions?)  Plus page protectors don’t hold scraps very well. Second, I was storing them in an out of the way place so they weren’t easy to get to.

So fast forward to now. Let me say that my current method for managing scraps is working great and it makes me so happy when I can whip up a card or a page title or paper piecing using leftovers and not cut into a full sheet of paper (so that it’s there when I need it for a page background!)

Here’s how I’m doing things now…


I still sort by color. This just makes the most sense because if I’m looking for paper that’s how I’m going to search. Sometimes it can be tricky for me with the aquas and teals (“should I put it with blues? greens? ack!”) I keep patterned paper in with the cardstock and just try to decide what is the predominate color in the pattern or if there is a background color, I might go with that.


This is an area I’ve made changes to. I won’t save really small pieces any more. I have size rules now. I might save a few 2×2 scraps if they are perfect squares and several of the same color because they would be great for deco squares, but generally I try to keep the scraps to 3×3 or larger. And strips need to be at least 2″ wide (great for punching out those small QK letters and shapes).

I also make sure to square off all my scrap paper. Used to be that I’d punch a bunch of shapes of the side of a 12×12 then file the page with my scraps. Well, as you can imagine those raggedy edges catch on everything and make a mess of the scrap file. Even larger cutouts (like circles) that leave mis-shaped scraps are a problem, so everything that goes into the scrap file has to have the wacky edges cut away.

See It, Use It

As I mentioned, my scrap files used to be tucked away but no longer. I keep them out in plain sight so that I’m reminded to USE them. It’s been hard but I’ve also had to train myself to look in the scrap file before grabbing a full sheet of 12 x 12 or 8-1/2 x 11 paper (unless of course it’s for a background sheet or a large die cut).

I’ve also had great success with the “Scrap Storage” pockets by Crop In Style. They are clear-ish 12×12 pocket files with three sections. I bolster up these pockets with a piece of sturdy chipboard in the center section which is also where the very large scraps go. The front and back pockets are about the same size. I use the back one for medium sized scraps, especially those that are about the size of a photo mat (ie 5×7 or 4×6). The front pocket is for smaller scraps. I bought enough of these to have one for every color.

Scrap Storage by Crop in Style

Last time I checked we had lots of the Scrap Storage pockets in stock at the store, so if you’ve got a mind to tame your wild stash of scraps, we’ve got what you need!

Here’s some pics of my scrap pockets in action. The first photo is awhile back before I thinned out the scraps (yeah, I do that from time to time now). The second photo shows I prefer to keep them – lean & mean.

Open file with Scrap Storage files

Scrap Storage at work

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