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Inside - with CUTE Lady Bug Ribbon

Inside Diaper- with CUTE Lady Bug Ribbon

Outside of LB Diaper Invite
Outside of Lady Bug Diaper Invite

For over a week now, I have been flip-flopping between pink or red for these darn lady bug themed baby shower invites I’m working on. Still undecided, I finally came into the store today for supplies and inspiration. I missed Scrap Therapy on Thursday, but Dr. Heidi Ho was in. And she really helped cure my lady bug “blues”!!! She directed me to the cutest lady bug ribbon and red Bazzill card stock. After that I was on a creative roll. I just have to work out the wording and I’ll be ready to knock out 50 of them. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Heidi!!!

Angie :o)

My nephew’s fifth birthday was today and the theme of his party was surfing. I decided to create a surf themed two page lay out for my sister-in-law, using the invite as my inspiration. I used Scenic Route’s Grafton line which is bright and fun. Since I only have one child and she is  a girl, I always love to challenge myself in creating a boy page. I even managed to use flowers and ribbon so I didn’t stray too far from what I’m used to. I took a chipboard ring and stapled ribbon to it, it looked like rays of sunshine. It was super cute and my sister-in-law loved it. She loved it so much she wants me to do all five of her boys’ first birthdays!!!!!!!!!


Friday night was totally awesome!!  I went to best concert that I ever attended.  My husband, Ronnie, and I picked up my son, Tyler and his girlfriend, Tanya from school and headed to Verizon Ampitheatre in Irvine ( for you old folks Irvine Meadows) for the Jack Johnson concert.  We were 9th row center in the orchestra section.  These were great seats.  Jack Johnson’s music style is described as acoustic surf rock.  It is very mellow and easy to listen to. We had a blast!!! Here’s a short clip from where we were sitting…


So I’m here at the Scrap and Stay and all of this scrapbooking has made me sick…literally. I think I’m allergic to allll of my mom’s stuff. So I have spent today sleeping and worshiping the porcelain goddess. But I am finally starting to feel better so hopefully I can salvage what is left of the weekend.

So I was so bummed because last weekend my bind it all had broken…or so I thought it was broken. Since I am all about mini books, I thought I would die without one especially because I was going on a scrabook weekend in Running Springs for three days.  I got here to Running Springs and asked if anyone had one, but just my luck, no one had one! So I have sat here for over 24 hrs thinking I can’t work on anything, I can’t punch any holes in my mini books, I wont know where to place embellishments….what was a girl to do? So a light bulb finally clicked. Hmmm what is this little door on the side..oh it was the little thing you should empty every so often. Well, lo and behold I opened it up and there was about 2 pounds of jammed chipboard in there. I think that was the problem!! So I grabbed the longest poker I could find, my options were limited due to the lack of men here. It’s a good thing Krista was willing to share. Just Kidding… a paper piercer worked just fine. There came out tons of chipboard and cardstock from previous projects. So now I feel really dumb, but super happy that I am back to scrappin again! Now I only have about 1 day left so lets see what I can accomplish.


Well, we’re up here in the mountains for a nothing-but-scrappin’ weekend.  It’s great to finally be here, but getting ready for this type of weekend is an eye opener.  I realize now how important it is to be organized and have everything ready to go…because, of course, you’re not sure what you’ll need during three days!  One decision I totally made following this past week:  Every time I buy patterned paper, I’m going to get coordinating cardstock for it.  I spent so much time matching all this paper I wanted to bring, and naturally (just like you said, Trish) I don’t have the right colors. 

Everyone is really getting a lot of pages done, and Lizett fixed her Bind-it-All…. 

See you soon – Barb

So I am away on a scrap weekend. My very first one. Having a blast! If you haven’t tried one of these, I highly recommend it. It’s great to be with a bunch of friends who get it. I have been here 10 hours and only gotten 4 pages done. Is that good? I don’t know. I have LOTS of projects to work on so we’ll see what I get accomplished. I must say it’s nice to be able to just focus on scrapbooking without having to worry about getting little ones to bed.

~ Krista

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