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Trish, Gilbert, Art and Vivina have been busy bringing more stuff over from their storage unit.  That place must have been packed!  I turned around from working at the register this afternoon, and the side wall is covered with a bunch of scrapbooking bags from a variety of companies.  And remember the old Creative Cafe?  The tags and chipboard shapes, etc.  There was a bunch of that stuff over there, so they brought it to the store and Lizett was busy packaging that up today for the dollar bins.  We also have some 12 x 12 frames on the walls for sale too.  I know there’s more, but I didn’t even get to see it all.

And Michelle made some more of those cute little chocolate holders for the holidays.  They flew out of there last weekend, so don’t miss them this weekend.

Get it before it’s gone!


Stock up for next year or use for your scrapbook pages.  We just put the Halloween projects on clearance, Buy One Get One of Equal or Lesser Value for FREE.  We have cards, candy bars (I’d take out the candy bars and put new ones in next year), treat bags and boxes, and more.

And the new Layout Kit of the Month and Card Kit of the Month are available too.


So Devon just called from UCSD with plans for her second quarter.  She’s still a political science major, but she’s going to change from a focus in public law to international relations (sounds more interesting to me), AND my little shutterbug has decided to go for a minor in Photography!!  In case you’re new to our blog, she took over 8,000 pictures on our recent 18 day trip to Europe.  She absolutely loves taking pictures.  Her camera is always with her (and I’m not exaggerating).  I’m so happy she’ll be taking some classes now to improve her photography skills. 

This seemed like a good time to share a couple of pictures she took on our trip.

 Lucerne, Switzerland, pretty much our favorite place:


And here’s a great picture of the Eiffel Tower from the Seine River.  Believe it or not, it’s after 9:00 p.m. when this picture was taken.  It stayed light so long over there.

Eiffel Tower from the Seine

Once Devon starts taking some photography classes, I guess I’ll really have a lot of pictures to scrapbook!!!  I better start saving for our next trip.


I just wanted to post a picture for you of the Halloween Treat bag that’s now available at the store.  It was the Scrap Therapy project last night, and we’ll now have the extra kits for you to purchase.  There won’t be a picture in the kit, so here are some to help you put it together. 

This is the front of the bag:

front of bag


This is the back of the bag: 

back of bag


Put the paper above the creases of the bag so it can be folded up afterwards.  Use pop dots for some of the embellishments to add dimension.  Ink with charcoal. 

At the top of the bag, adhere the rectangle pieces for support, front and back, and then punch two holes for the cord, as shown below:

top of bag


Fill the bag with candy, Halloween socks, toys or other fun goodies for a special gift. 

Happy Halloween!


Hey ladies, there’s several spots available for the upcoming crop this weekend, Sept 25 and 26.  We have a back-to-back Friday night and all day Saturday.  You can get started on Friday night, 5 to 11, leave everything overnight and come back Saturday for 12 full hours of scrapbooking time, 10 to 10.  If you just come for Friday night, it’s $12, Saturday is $20, or the combo is only $25.  You’ll have full use of our die cut center the entire time, 10% off all your purchases, and even some snacks and goodies.  If you haven’t attended a crop before, help support the store and come this weekend.  Bring your pictures and supplies, and you can fill in the gaps here.  Everyone is always helpful with advice and ideas (if needed), and we certainly are surrounded by great ideas and inspiration in the store.

If you’ve been thinking about it but not ready to sign up yet, come by and check it out!

Hope to see you – Barbara

Yep, Devon actually moved down to San Diego yesterday.  Her dad and I moved her in to her dorm room at UCSD.  Happy, proud, excited, sad…all hit me at the same time.

Here she is saying goodbye to the dog and heading out…

Devon and Buster


Time to go


We actually managed to get everything in my little CRV, plus the three of us. 

The car is packed


Checking in at her college, Eleanor Roosevelt –

checking in


UCSD is kind of cool in that it’s a huge university (over 25,000 students), but it’s also made up of six smaller colleges.  She’s part of Eleanore Roosevelt College.  They have their own area of the school and several dorm buildings.  She’s in Asia Hall.  It’s pretty interesting.

Here’s her room before, and with one of her 15 suite mates Crystal (center) and her roommate Janine (right).

Home sweet dorm


And then it got crazy and a little rushed.  It was late afternoon and they all wanted to go to dinner at 5:30, so I forgot to take any more pictures.  Can you believe it.  So I sent her a text when I got home, and then she e-mailed me this picture.

Devon at UCSD


This morning I woke up too early and of course I haven’t stopped thinking about her yet!  I admit I moped around the house a lot this morning.  Thank goodness I’m working at the store today with Allie.  Marcie has a class, and that should all help me keep from being too sad for a while.  I’m so happy for her, but also a little worried (as I’m sure all mothers are in this situation) and will be a little anxious until I know she’s settled in and familiar with her new surroundings.

Thanks for listening…Barbara

(For those who don’t know us, she’s my only child…)

Pictures that is.  Following Allie’s pictures of her summer, here are just a few from our trip.  As some of you know, Devon and I went to Europe last month for her high school graduation gift.  We had an absolutely wonderful, awesome, fabulous time!  We went on a bus tour, eight countries in fourteen days.  We traveled 3,751 miles through England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France.  We were traveling with 41 other people from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the U.S., and we also had a lot of fun getting to know each other. 

And yep, that’s the right number.  Thanks to digital cameras and  4 and 8 gigabyte cards, I took 3,850 pictures, and my camera-happy daughter took over 8,200.  When we got back, it took about a week to get them from our 5 or 6  cards onto the computer.  We each have a folder for each day of the trip (we were gone 18 total days).  Now I’m beginning the process of printing so I can get to scrapbooking. 

Before we met the group and left on the actual bus tour, we had two days in England to see some of the sights, such as:

Big Ben and one of the famous double-decker red buses –

Big Ben


As you can see, in true England style, we had lots of clouds and rain.  Thank you Donna Mack for telling me to bring an umbrella!  I think we used it in every country.

Buckingham Palace and Devon –

Buckingham Palace


Very crowded, so we couldn’t get very close to see the changing of the guard –

Changing guard


Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of their faces!

Here’s something a little more unusual

Tightrope walker

A tightrope walker/juggler in a little market in Covent Gardens.

And this was so interesting to us.  At the end of the day, they go to pubs –

Pubs 3


but they hang out outside on the street!

Pubs 2

Pubs 1


And here’s one to show youStreet signs how Devon gets so many pictures.


You’ve got to admit street signs are interesting.  She got pictures of flags and license plates in every country and also every meal she ate.  But we have an awesome record of our trip.

I’ll share some more from the other countries as we wade our way through the folders for printing. 

If you’re a traveler and went somewhere fun this summer, I’d love to hear about it.  Also, I have classes on October 18 for a cruise layout and a travel layout.  At least I have four pages done so far from this trip.  I’ll post pictures when I get more layouts done.

If you’re thinking about going on a bus tour and you have any questions, post a comment here, and I’ll tell you more about it.


Countdown to Christmas

Yes, we’re starting to get ready for Christmas early this year.  We have some great little projects for you to put together over the next three months.  If you do this right, by the time Christmas gets here, you could have a nice stash of great little gifts to give out.

How many times do you find yourself rushing around trying to come up with a gift for a neighbor, co-worker, teacher, or even a relative that has everything?  Get stocked up this year, and be prepared –



We’ve got a variety of projects, so come in and sign up for a few. 



The first one is scheduled for next Wednesday



They’re scheduled for different days of the week, weeknights and weekends, through November.   

Merry Christmas!  



(P.S.  Cyndi and Lizett have put me to shame.  They’ve already posted vacation pictures.  I promise to have some Europe pictures posted soon; actually, before the end of the month!!)

Hi everyone – Devon and I are in Innsbruck Austria for the night. Finding internet was not as easy as we thought, and the letters are all mixed up. We left Munich Germanz this morning and are going to Vienna tomorrow. Miss you all and we will try to be in touch later

Love you all

Barb and Devon

…so let’s start getting ready.  We have some really cute projects coming up.  You probably read about them in the last newsletter.  These four are on display in the store now and ready for sign-ups.  The first one, the Holiday Bath Salts, would be such a cute gift.  That one is next Saturday, July 11.  Come in and make your sample, and you can use the idea with any theme paper.  What a cute shower gift it would be also…

xmas projects

Get started making things now, and you’ll have plenty of time to make more before the holidays are here.


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