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I’m looking forward to our class kick off. Michelle and I have come up with a Fathers day and Disney mini book that are super cute. Both books are filled with bling, chipboard and plenty of space for all those great pictures. I look forward to seeing many of our regular customers and hopefully some new faces too. Have a great week and see you friday.

We all love…love…love…ribbon. So come in and stock up, since it will be 20% off the whole month of April. And this is no April fools!!!!!!

OMG!  The Good Time Girls are so spoiled and so well fed!  Yummy, yummy!  All our wonderful customers are constantly bringing us goodies.  In one week alone we had cookies from Lenore Farnsworth, candy from Stephanie Zilmer, candy from Leslie Mora, fresh strawberry filled donuts from Irene Britz, fresh strawberries with fruit dip from Trudy Crawford (Trudy, you look great!),  chocolate cupcakes from Victoria Knect, cookies from LaVerne Fujimoto, a luscious chocolate cake from Pat Matsuo and more cookies from Julie Johnson.  Everything was so scrumptious!  You should see what this place looks like during the holidays…you would think this was a bakery or a candy shop.  And I wonder why my waistline is getting bigger and bigger.  Thank God I only work two days a week or I would be as big as a house.  So much temptation!  Thank you, ladies, for all the goodies you have brought to us since the day we opened for business.  I would be here all night if I tried to list everyone by name, but you all know who you are, and I want you to know how thankful we are.  You ladies ROCK!!!  Well, I’m ready for bed now and I know what I’ll be dreaming off….Victoria’s guacamole and chips, Mary’s See’s candies, Lisa’s chips and salsa, Heidi’s carrot cake, Rachel’s pastries…..yawn, yawn…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz …….ahhh, sweet dreams!

April’s Kit of the Month

Here is April’s Kit of the Month designed by Susan Bugelli

April’s Card Kit of the Month

Here is April’s Card Kit of the Month

Scrap Therapy for April 3

Here is April 3rd’s Scrap Therapy project 

Scrap Therapy for April 10

Here is April 10th’s Scrap Therapy project 

Scrap Therapy for April 17

 Here is April 17th’s Scrap Therapy project

Have you heard about Picasa by Google? Picasa is software that makes it easy to view, organize, edit and share the digital photos on your PC. Picasa makes it easy to convert photos from color to black & white or sepia, as well as to crop your pictures and make other adjustments.

And as if being super easy to install and use weren’t wonderful in itself, Picasa photo editing software is FREE to download. You can’t beat that. So, if you are a little overwhelmed by some of the other photo management/editing software out there and are looking for something a little less intimidating, check it out:


(No I don’t get any money for endorsing it… just love it! It’s a scrapbooker’s friend.)

I cannot wait for everyone to see all the wonderful things our Design Team has created for the next class kick off.  There are several beautiful mini albums, Vivina out did herself on her next card class, and I can’t wait for you to see the layouts.  I’ve seen many of them and you will not believe how beautiful.  I know I am signing up Friday for several classes, so please join me.  Our doors close at 4pm to start setting up our display tables and I would say that the action starts at 5pm…but the line gets under way well before 4pm and what those ladies won’t do to keep warm in line!?!?  I’ll see you FRIDAY.  It’s going to be good.

You know it doesn’t matter if you take 2 weeks vacation, 1 week vacation or just a 3 day weekend. Everyone needs a vacation and that includes me!! I am writing this blog from my trailer that is sitting right on the beach up in Carpinteria. My man is cooking me breakfast and I am relaxing. No work, No email, No phones!! What could be better? Maybe my scrapbooking supplies, but I brought those too! Yesterday I took pictures as we walked along the beach. I can’t wait until my next vacation which is only 30 days away and I will be taking pictures of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii!!! When is your next vacation???? -Cheri

Your eyes are not deceiving you…Basic Grey is here!!! I did a quick drive by the store yesterday and just when I was about to check out–Trish says ” did you see??? we got Basic Grey in!!” I was in such hurry to go that I didn’t get to enjoy it, to touch it and marvel at it in all its glory! The shelves are packed with the stuff–come on in while it’s still fully stocked–have a carpet party as we call it. Its when we sit on the floor and layout all the papers and embellishments and decide what to buy. This is a highly anticipated release and as we all know Basic Grey doesn’t dissapoint!!! {{PEEJ}}

Has anyone heard about the new “photo-safe” testing label, “ISO 18902”? I was reading an article on and it talked about how “acid-free” was directed at museums and the like before, but with the change in industry of digital photography and scrapbooking they created a new label for such products. They say the package may now state “meets ISO 18902” or is “photo-safe as per ISO 18902”. I thought it was pretty interesting that “acid-free” has a whole new meaning now, apparently meeting a little more strict standards.

I just saw the new borders for the Revolution. I am so excited to try it out, but a little bummed that I can’t get the platform until April. Okay I know April is only a few days away, but it is still a few days away. If you don’t have a Revolution machine yet you will want one. With new dies available how can you resist! 🙂

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