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College update…

Posted on: August 28, 2008

Thank you first of all for all of your wonderful comments.  I enjoyed reading about all of your experiences as well.  It’s nice to know I’m not alone.  I guess most parents go through this at some point in their lives.

As for my hubby, he is still not doing well.  I think it’s going to be a long time before he adjusts to this new situation.  He continues to bribe Jamie daily into coming home and I keep telling him that he needs to stop.  He told her that if he knew it was going to be this hard he would have never let her go.  He thinks it is perfectly ok for her to live with her daddy for the rest of her life.  I don’t think so…although that might be kind of nice in our old age. Ha!Ha!  My son has already been informed that he is not allowed to go away to college.  Dad’s heart and pocket book just can’t take it!!

As for Jerry (Jamie’s brother), he could care less that she is gone.  He was taking over her room the second she left the house.  Thats a brother for ya!!

And me…I’m sure your wondering how that goodbye went.  After the move in I spent the next several days being Jamie’s personal shopper as she managed to situate herself with campus life.  She had things to do, people to meet, meetings to attend, and more people to meet.  If any of you have been to the University of Colorado then you know that the campus is absolutely huge.  Well, after Jamie walked back and fourth across that campus one too many times she decided that she needed a bike.  I was telling her all along that she would need a bike but, NO, she didn’t want one.  Didn’t fit into her style!!  So instead of having a free day with hitting all the local scrapbooking stores (which I map quested before I left) I was off shopping for a bike that she didn’t want.  How do you pick out a really “cute” bike that your kid doesn’t even want.  She wanted a beach cruiser (really practical for college life, huh!) but I was told those are the first to be stolen.  I did end up finding a cross between a mountain bike and a beach cruiser and we even topped it off with a “cute” basket on the front.  Gotta love those girly girls!!  As for Jamie and her roommate, they got off to a little bit of a bumpy start.  Her roomie is plain Jane from Wisconsin and I’m sure she took one look at Jamie and thought, “high maintenence snob!” I was sure of it after Jamie took out her well organized collection of jewelry and her roomates comment was, “what a waste!” Good thing Jamie didn’t bring her collection of purses too. Ha!Ha!  I should also mention that Jamie is a compulsive neat freak and her roomate is NOT!!  Obviously they did not read the compatibility forms for these two girls.  Jamie said she does not care what her roomie’s side looks like as long as hers can be neat.  Well, after Jamie was her friendly self for a few days, I guess her roomate decided maybe Jamie wasn’t so bad after all.  The girls are getting along really well now.  Thank goodness.  Now for that goodbye… I think we both did quite well.  We both shed a few tears, I gave her a big giant hug, told her I loved her and that I was proud of her, and that was it.  I was off to the airport.  I only cried a little, said a prayer, and placed her in Gods hands.  I know He will take care of her.

So now it’s been a week and I’m still doing really well.  I have to think of her as just being at a friends house or somewhere close.  I get upset when I think of her being so far away…so I don’t.  We text quite often during the day and sometimes we talk several times a day.  She is still calling for advice, so at least I know that I am still needed at least a little bit.  So far she is doing really well also.  She is getting involved, staying extremely busy, and meeting new friends every day.   She is definately going to need to learn time management cause she has people knocking on her door at 11:30 at night.  I will keep my fingers crossed that I will not be getting the dreadful phone call in a few weeks that she is homesick and wants to come home.  Cause you know who is going to let her!!  (my hubby!!)   Julie

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Julie: Oh, how I cry every time I read your blogs about your daughter!!! I can’t help but think that in less than 5 short years I will be in your position with my ONLY child. We are very close now, and I only hope that we continue to grow together and have the kind of relationship that you have with your daughter. God Bless you and your family; may your daughter have a wonderful college experience; grow and learn many new things. It’s so hard to let go…but you and your husband have obviously done a great job raising her.

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