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Last week at Tag Me Monday, I was talking to some customers on how I organized my card-stock, scrap paper, etc… I bought  these 12×12 vertical paper organizers by Cropper Hopper that we carry in the store. I keep all my 12×12 card-stock in one and I use the sticker envelopes to separate my scrap. I have about 13 of them that I have labeled by theme: baby, holidays, masculine, feminine, sports and so on. I posted some pictures from my scrapbook room. I hope this helps to get you organized.





And I just had to add this last picture of Maddie hanging out in my scrapbook room just because she looked so darn cute!!!


Pictures that is.  Following Allie’s pictures of her summer, here are just a few from our trip.  As some of you know, Devon and I went to Europe last month for her high school graduation gift.  We had an absolutely wonderful, awesome, fabulous time!  We went on a bus tour, eight countries in fourteen days.  We traveled 3,751 miles through England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France.  We were traveling with 41 other people from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the U.S., and we also had a lot of fun getting to know each other. 

And yep, that’s the right number.  Thanks to digital cameras and  4 and 8 gigabyte cards, I took 3,850 pictures, and my camera-happy daughter took over 8,200.  When we got back, it took about a week to get them from our 5 or 6  cards onto the computer.  We each have a folder for each day of the trip (we were gone 18 total days).  Now I’m beginning the process of printing so I can get to scrapbooking. 

Before we met the group and left on the actual bus tour, we had two days in England to see some of the sights, such as:

Big Ben and one of the famous double-decker red buses –

Big Ben


As you can see, in true England style, we had lots of clouds and rain.  Thank you Donna Mack for telling me to bring an umbrella!  I think we used it in every country.

Buckingham Palace and Devon –

Buckingham Palace


Very crowded, so we couldn’t get very close to see the changing of the guard –

Changing guard


Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of their faces!

Here’s something a little more unusual

Tightrope walker

A tightrope walker/juggler in a little market in Covent Gardens.

And this was so interesting to us.  At the end of the day, they go to pubs –

Pubs 3


but they hang out outside on the street!

Pubs 2

Pubs 1


And here’s one to show youStreet signs how Devon gets so many pictures.


You’ve got to admit street signs are interesting.  She got pictures of flags and license plates in every country and also every meal she ate.  But we have an awesome record of our trip.

I’ll share some more from the other countries as we wade our way through the folders for printing. 

If you’re a traveler and went somewhere fun this summer, I’d love to hear about it.  Also, I have classes on October 18 for a cruise layout and a travel layout.  At least I have four pages done so far from this trip.  I’ll post pictures when I get more layouts done.

If you’re thinking about going on a bus tour and you have any questions, post a comment here, and I’ll tell you more about it.


As I was surfing the WWW, I came across this poem on someone’s blog, I’m not exactly sure HOW I found it… but I thought I would share it since, well, school has already started for some or will start soon for others which means the summer is coming to a close.

Pig’s Tales Blog

An Ode to Summer

Summer, oh summer, you’ve been such a blast!
But why, oh why, must you go by so fast?
I filled you with trips and beaches and fun
I’ve spent much of you laying by the pool in the sun.

Those days when I said I was a little bit bored
I wasn’t thinking! I’m wrong!
I wish those days could be stored…

Stored for the long weeks of torture and pain
When I have to hear choruses saying my name
Over and over like nails on a chalkboard,
So many voices whining in dischord.

I’ll miss the long leisurely days that are warm
With time every day to keep my legs shorn
And to type out an email anytime that I like
Or to go to the store when the crowds are so light.

I need to start strengthening my bladder and voice
For soon the time will come when I haven’t a choice
About talking all day or patrolling the halls
Or crossing my legs when nature calls.

Oh, summer I’ll miss you; you’ve been such a treat.
If I can make it ’til next year, it’ll be quite a feat.
In the meantime, I’ll dream, reminisce and recall
the memories of you just to get through the fall.

Then report cards and conferences, assessments and more!
I can no longer dream, it’s too much to ignore.
Until next year, summer, I bid you adieu.
I can’t wait to see you and start you anew!

Here are a few pics I have from my summer, before my camera decided to break.

IMG_2357IMG_1983IMG_1961Hope everyone had a great summer!  On to fall and hopefully, cooler days!

❤ allie

No not really, but would love to move to Oregon or Washington where it is much cooler. Our air conditioning went out this afternoon and it is stinking hot. Even the dog can’t get comfortable, I had to put a wet towel on her head and paws just so she would lay down. She looked hysterical and the funniest part about it, she let me do it!IMG_0024


Posted on: August 29, 2009

Wow sad to say I have not been in the store in a while, and I was there today and some stuff is moved around and it looks good. . .  I  picked up some  new paper just love cosmo cricket and my little shoebox  and of course always need more buttons and gems and  we have a good selection and you can never have too many.  And I have to say we have the BEST samples you girls do an awesome  job on your layouts, I left so inspired, well ladies happy crafting and enjoy. . .. .

Countdown to Christmas

Yes, we’re starting to get ready for Christmas early this year.  We have some great little projects for you to put together over the next three months.  If you do this right, by the time Christmas gets here, you could have a nice stash of great little gifts to give out.

How many times do you find yourself rushing around trying to come up with a gift for a neighbor, co-worker, teacher, or even a relative that has everything?  Get stocked up this year, and be prepared –



We’ve got a variety of projects, so come in and sign up for a few. 



The first one is scheduled for next Wednesday



They’re scheduled for different days of the week, weeknights and weekends, through November.   

Merry Christmas!  



(P.S.  Cyndi and Lizett have put me to shame.  They’ve already posted vacation pictures.  I promise to have some Europe pictures posted soon; actually, before the end of the month!!)

My brother is currently serving in Afghanistan. On July 19th he and some of the members of the 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 5th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division from Fort Lewis, Washington were deployed to southern Afghanistan. Earlier this week we found out that on August 18th he was on patrol and his unit was attacked. Although he escaped unharmed two other soldiers lost their lives. Again on this past Tuesday, we found out that 4 more soldiers lost their lives. Needless to say, it has been such an emotional week. I fear for my brother’s safety, I am praying constantly. Every time I hear breaking news come on the radio or TV (whether it is the passing of Ted Kennedy or the recent fires) my heart drops and I pray that it isn’t news from Afghanistan.

I read somewhere that there are 60,000 troops in Afghanistan!! Does anyone else out there have loved ones serving in Afghanistan? Will you share with me so I can pray for the safety of your loved one? Tell me about them share a story, send me a picture. I’m praying for your loved ones even though I don’t know them personally.

This is my brother his wife and their baby.

My beautiful niece Zoe Brooke was born 3 days before he was deployed. I have started making cards for him so he can send to his wife. I know this has been difficult for her as well. Once I am done making some of my cards, I will post them. Take care for now 🙂

Cyndi V.

Here are two more pictures of my brother and little Zoe before he left…

jesse 1


Let me preface that I am in no way trying to lay claim to this tip. I have not seen it posted anywhere before, but I know I cannot be the first person to come up with this idea. However, I do believe I came up with it on my own.

I keep seeing thse mini letter stickers on lots of talented scrapbookers projects. I decided I wanted some. But I had some dilemas. (1) I have two kids and can’t just pop into the scrapbook store when I want and (2) I hate to buy something if I can make it. So to appease my need for instant gratification, I began to ponder how I might be able to come up with something similar enough to those letter stickers. Below are some pictures and simple steps on how I came about my success.

I decided to open Word and type lines of each letter of the alphabet. I think I used a size 12 or 14 font in Times New Roman. Nothing fancy! I placed a blank line in between each letter at a size 6 font because I knew I would be trimming them into strips and wanted some extra wiggle room. I did them in black and printed on white cardstock. Then I changed the font color to brown and printed those out on white cardstock. Here’s what they looked like printed out.

IMG_4306 size

Then I busted out my handy dandy paper trimmer and began slicing the rows of letters into strips. Note: I didn’t get all anal about making each row the exact same width. I eyeballed it based on the size of the letter. So my lowercase “a” row is going to be thinner than my lower case “l”. Here’s the finished product. Yes, that is the same carpet, I just got lazy in my photoediting hence why it looks different in this picture.

IMG_4312 size

Now I have all these strips of letters and whenever I wish to have that letter sticker look I am talking about, I find the correct strip and snip off one of the letters. Then I just drag all the edges across my inking tool with the right ink color and voila! I have letter stickers to help me with my journaling and/or titles.

letter stickers

The great thing is you can make these whatever color font you want, whatever font style you want, whatever font size you want, and can print on whatever color paper you want. Thus making the possibilities seemingly endless.

~ Krista

Hi all!  Check this out:st-08_27This week’s scraptherapy is the ultra darling “Live, Love, Laugh circle book” designed by Doreen.  I love this little book…AND…it is a bargain at twice the price!  This could be used as a little friendship book, a cute card…you name it!  See all of you beautiful girls Thursday!

Dr. Ho

So I can’t even believe I am going to share this with you and if I am kicked off the design team for having admitted this, well then I guess I won’t be able to blame Trish. A few weeks back, after doing my normal blog hopping, I decided that I was really liking this Kraft paper trend. I know it’s not exactly a new trend, but it takes me a while to jump on board with things. So anyways, I liked this Kraft paper and wanted to get my hands on some. Never wanting to spend my money elsewhere when I can spend it at SGT, I shot off an email to Michelle asking if we had ever carried and it and if we could carry it. Here comes the embarassing part … her response was that we have been carrying it for the past couple of YEARS! Doh!!!!

So why am I telling you this? Well, because maybe there’s someone else out there like me (I hope I hope I hope). Who doesn’t take the time to scour every square inch of the store (like a good design team member does), and has been wanting to get their hands on some Kraft paper. It’s in the same area as all the cardstock. The day after I found this out, I ran in to get my hands on a pile of it. One of my DT layouts for September uses the Kraft paper. Here’s a peak at one of the pages. You have to come into the store to see both.

 ladybug pg 1

I love Kraft paper because it really can coordinate with any paper line. It’s a great neutral. And though I didn’t do it for this particular project, stamping on it with black Staz On makes it look marvelous!

Happy Kraft-ing!

~ Krista

PS – Here’s hoping I am not fired after this confession.

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