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I¬†took lots of pictures. I’ll get them to Gilbert very soon. Not having a
laptop at my hotel room was a real bummer so here are my late notes for what
they’re worth (pppppplllllbbbbbtt tt!)

*Agree w/the others on Elsie’s lines – super cute! And I’m sure they’ll be
hot because of her “celeb” status.
*I also liked the new smaller color lab packages with only 3 vials, however
side note: we saw little bling charms similar to KI downstairs in Hall E
(Creative Charms – asian company). They also had larger gems similar to
*I thought some of the “Heartfelt” items were cute too.

*Loved the embossed birds and butterflies and mini me’s

*Rolled felt – WOWIE!
*Biggie brads (I liked seeing these in brown, btw)

*Cute girl & boy lines
*They had a very complete “sentiments” stamp set good for cardmaking

*The new single word foam stamps are fabulous (well at least that’s what the
one I sampled said on it). MSRP is $1.99 which seemed pretty good.
*Loved the oversized photo corners and new big brads. Also the ghost
butterfly slide used in the mk-n-tk
*Hot chocolate chip cookies. Not sure what the min order is on these, tho.

*Glad to hear we’re getting Extreme Boy and some Salsa embellishments.
*I also did a cute mk-n-tk book using a pink/blue/brown paper line that I
didn’t catch the name of

*Circus Rose is very cute. The silhouette papers remind me of iPod ads.
*Cute staggered tag book (sold as a coasters sheet)
*Lots of cute calendar items and ledger papers
*The new papers in Blue Cardigan, Chloe’s Closet and Chartreuse Dream were
all very cute.
(Met Greta Hammond, too – she’s sweet!)

We R Memory Keepers
-Flower Patch suede flowers
-Wood knots
-Designer Eyelets
-Hardware kit (tin)
-Green cropadile is getting buzz (guess some folks aren’t big on pink)

*Was just awesome and oozing with wonderful ideas. Loved it!
*Side note: saw a mk-n-tk using some rub-ons that looked suspiciously like
QK icing. So, either they’ve come out with their own version or were using
those. Hmmmm…..

*Loved the classy elegance of this company (the owner Sally was great)
*Too bad the bling brads are co$tly because they’re gorgeous.
*Love the chipboard and rubon alphas wtih flourishes in them. The rubons were also in graduated sizes which I like.

-Really gorgeous papers.
-The rubons came in some shapes that seemed unique to me (including circle frames and interesting borders).

-Original papers. Loved the brilliant colors and artsy look.
-Gigantic rubons for walls were very cool (noticed that home decor trend at a lot of the booths)

-cute paper

-The thing I remember is the embossed paper. Seems like the stamps were
cute, but I didn’t take a photo and can’t remember them now. ūüė¶

-So glad you’ve ordered the Buck Naked chipboard and matching die cut
papers. These are AWESOME!

-Lots of b&w and pink in the booth. Loved the “stacks” buttons & beads and
the doo-dots coordinating brads & bling
-They also had some small acrylic pieces that were similar to the old Heidi
Grace stuff but WAAAAaaaaay cuter.

-1 2 3-D Paper Crafting System w/ instruction guide and DVD was pretty
nifty. Not sure if it would be too intimidating for the average scrapper
tho. It makes an incredible amount of different items from the one set
(packaged a lot like the curvy cutter)

-The new rub-on books are cool (esp Doodles, Flourishes & Icons)
-“Show & Tell” idea book looks good
-“Sweets” (dimensional embellies – can’t tell if these are pillow or epoxy,
but loved them)
-Jumbo pebble brads are cute
-Loved the entire Funky Vintage line (particularly the embellishments, much
more so than the papers. The trims/ribbons on spools are awesome)
-Fresh Anthology is also very cute

-Had lots of cute stuff including some cute dance stuff.
-Cute wood words (letters) for altering, too

-Lots of stamps and don’t remember it all, but wanted to point out for Tina
& Michelle that they had some pet stamps that looked pretty cute.

-OMGARSH!!! I *love* this line. It is vintage/retro style from Italy. I was
telling Tina that it doesn’t strike me as what is hot in SGT, but it totally
spoke to me.

-has new shades of chalk ink – YUMMY!

-Classic K
-Amy Butler: Belle & Sola
-K&Co. to go:
Loved Brenda Wallton Dollhouse (didn’t realize we already have this in the store)
Sparkly Sweet
-Love the Purse and Flower tablets with die cut project ready to go!
-Did a mk-n-tk with the new Girl Scout line and was surprised to be able to
meet Angelia Wiggington in person (she was a co-winner in the $20K contest)

-THRILLED that we’re getting some of her stuff in. I really love it.

(also enjoyed a similar brand called Webster’s Pages which is new to the
paper field –last show they only came with some silvery stuff — they had
it again this time. I think it’s some kind of sticker, but I wasn’t too
impressed. However the paper and sample projects were pretty cool.)

-Love the stiching rubons for people like me who can’t pull the sewing
machine out too often.
-Pressed Petals has lots of new large scale stuff for home decor which I’m
sure you saw. Also some small metal letters that were much cuter than any
I’ve ever seen from them before.

-They have a cut ribbon (either velvet or felt) that reminds me of the Queen
& Co felt, except that it looks much more delicate and vintagey. It’s not
quite as wide. Loved it!
-I also saw ideas for using their shaped chipboard without having to cut
papers to size, which was very helpful for planning future classes/mk-n- tks
-Small booth, but lots to look at!

Well, there was more than this, but a lot of times when I ogled I forgot to
write stuff down -lol!



Hi, Everybody,

I went back today and saw some stuff I didn’t make it to on Sunday.

TRACE INDUSTRIES: Love their chipboard called “chipper”. It has with a balck core ro white core and is actualy matte(sp?) board, not chipboard so it is a higher quality. Very fun with acrylic paints.

Really liked their Abstract Line, Princess Bride, and Pashmina lines. Swirlie Whirlie chipboard was nice as well.

FISKARS: The Easy Stamp Press was the thing I was talking about this AM. The Ultra Shape Express has been revamped so you can use the cutter only as a freehand tool. I tried it at their demo stattion–very easy! And you can use it to trace swirls in a pp and then make your own flourishes. It was very cool.

SCENIC ROUTE: Love the DieCut Office Arrows.

PAPER SALON: I know you love their stuff! I really like the All Stitched Up paper line. Also the folios are really cool. The scrap elastic was interesting for making mini noteboards and closures for notebooks. Don’t know how well it would actualy sell but would defnitely be a fun class to do. The Enamored line was cute as well.

Queen & Co: Felt ribbon of course!

Maya Road: They have a much narrow and finer felt ribbon, about 1.5 inches wide and very cute. Loved it. They also have chipboard shapes in tins with acrylic stamps sized to fit the chip pieces perfectly–I played with these today during their MnT and they worked very very well. Also their new arrow and purse books are very cute. They also have chipboard books that come in a box. Great gift and class.

Junkitz: In addition to what I said yesterday, I like the glitterz letters and newspaper flowers. Dont know how well the flowers would sell–looks like you could make them yourself but they are pretty cute.

Imagination Project: Love the office look of the Project Essntials Paper line, epseically the Calendar Counts pages. Gin-X As you wish line was very cute. The Circus Rose PLAYLIST line had a rock-n-roll kind of 50’s feel to it. Might be the answer to finding a 50’s line since some people have come in the store looking for it.¬† Plus it can be updated easily to wrk for 80’s and other rock eras. The Gin-X star shaped coasters were really cool–I got lots of pics of the samples they had using these.

Elmer’s: They had a laser guided guillotine trimer with a guarded blade. I saw it demo’d-pretty cool. It also cuts 15 sheets at a time! Their magnetic cutting system and circle cutter were also neat.

I took tons of pictures today of products and the correspondending samples. I plan to upload them in the next couple days for ideas. I also have a big stack of catalogs too.

Had so much fun but now I am exhausted!! It will be fun to see what kind of loot everyone got on Friday!


It was great to see everyone there–SGT really had a presence as I ran into many of the DT members throughout the day! I had a total blast and am still tired! CI denfinitely had the best make n takes there. I did two of theirs. One trend I saw was bracelets–HS and another vendor both had bracelet MnTs and Pebbles was giving away bracelets.

I saw Martha too. You all didn’t miss much–it was basically paying $30 to see her market her new line, though there were some fun moments.

Here are my finds (that I can remember this early in the AM!):

Elsie Flanagan new line (all not available until March or April)


  • Freehand shape cutter
  • New baby boy and baby girls lines from Heidi Grace
  • Acrylic Stamper–I have to look up the official name for it but it basically guarantees a crisp image every time.
  • Heidi Grace metal stickers and flocking dots

Heidi Swapp big ghost shapes

Stemma paper lines that are lacquered (very cool papers)

Tinkering Ink paper line and “finery” which are felt accents with silicone doodads embossed on them. Also have scrapbooker’ s lotion. (Two of their lines are available now–the rest in April). They are brand new and fun.

Saw a demo of the new Wishblade which can weld letters now. Retail $449 but not available until March.

Magisitcal Memories chipboard–they have these awesome skulls that have a very dia de los muertos feel but would also complement the Junkitz boy line and the skull lines from CI.

Junkitz Extreme Boy Line

Flourish shaped gems from MAMBI

Acrylic blocks from Apple Pie–they are shaped to allow easier grip

That’s it for now,

Tour de Crop

Saturday, March 17¬† Tour de Crop Bus Tour¬†Have you ever wanted to visit a scrapbook store that you heard was “Oh So Great” but you didn‚Äôt because it was “Oh So Far Away”??¬† This is your opportunity!!¬† The Tour de Crop will start at Scrappin’ Good Times at 10 am. You’ll hop a luxury bus that will take you to

Scrapbook Boulevard in Victorville and Collective Journey in

and of course back to Scrappin’ Good Times!!

The cost for the Tour de Crop Bus Tour is $45. The Motor Coach can only accommodate 50 people. This includes the bus tour, lunch, make & takes at each store, goodie bags, raffles, prizes, discounts at each store, games and loads of give aways!!! 

Happy New Year Everyone! O.K. O.K. I know January is halfway over, but here is the new BLOG I promised the Good Time Girls.

I do know that the girls are up to something BIG very soon very soon.

See you soon, Gilbert 

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