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There has been alot of sad times for some of our SGT family.  God has given us family, friends and a earth full of a beautiful creation.  For some the time we are here is full.  Others it seems time has been cut much too short.  But no matter the time line of each of us we touch each others lives.  I know all the SGT staff will agree with me what a great group of people are connected with SGT.  We all our blessed to be apart of.  So join me today in uplifting in prayer those of the SGT family who need our prayers. 



 The day I hoped would never come has arrived.  My beloved cousin Crystal finally succumbed to the cancer. She fought a long and difficult battle. She fought hard. The whole time she was fighting she thought of us. I think she may have been fighting more for us than for herself.  I always felt like she nurtured us more than we nurtured her.  Up until the bitter end, she thought about us.  I was told that at Crystal’s request three people were using their cell phones and dialing friends and family so she could say her goodbyes. I received my phone call at about 4:30 last Thursday afternoon. She told me that she loved me and asked me to take care of her children.  She also called my mom, dad, brother and several other family members to say her goodbyes.


She passed away Thursday, April 23 at about 11:15 pm Colorado time. As much as we rushed to get the first flight out, we did not make it to see her before she let go.  Crystal passed in the same manner that she lived her life…It was not long or drawn out, absolutely no drama with grace and dignity.     .


I know you all only know Crystal through me.  I feel all of you understood what an amazing mother, wife, cousin and friend she was. I am so lucky to be connected through our wonderful hobby of scrapbooking to thousands of women who “just understand”. There are no words to thank you for all of the scrapbook pages that you donated.  We didn’t even put a dent in the scrapbook pages.  I honestly thought we would have a lot more time before Crystal left us.  I guarantee you that they will all be put to good use with pictures that I have and pictures that are still yet to be taken.  Your generous hearts will always live on through Crystal’s Scrapbooks.


I thank you all for the thoughts and prayers and graciously ask that you continue to pray for my family as we make our way through this difficult time.


I leave you with this beautiful poem that was forwarded to me by one of our Design Team Members Susan Bugelli.


God saw you getting tired,
And a cure was not to be.
So He put his arms around you,
and whispered, “Come to Me.”

With tearful eyes we
watched you suffer,
And saw you fall away
Although we couldn’t bear to lose you,
We could not ask you to stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands laid to rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
that He only takes the best.


{Author Unknown}




Last Friday was SGT’s Christmas Party.  It was supposed to be an Employee/Design Team Crop; but it became much, much more than that.   Some of you know that My cousin Crystal has just been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer. There is a need for layouts for  Scrapbooks for Crystal and her family.               Click here for info on Crystal 

Many of the Good Time Girls stepped up to the plate and generously gave their precious time and talent to create some beautiful layouts featuring Crystal’s children Aiden and Rylee. Of course we had fun while doing the layouts and telling stories and scrapping until the wheeeeeee hours of the morning.

Here are a few pictures of the evening…

Hi Girls,

My cousin Crystal has been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer.  Here is the email that her husband wrote to friends and family:


Dear Family and Friends:

As you may or may not know Crystal was diagnosed with an aggressive rare type of Cancer located in and around the Cervix.  Unfortunately, since Crystal is HPV negative and completed annual Pap tests the problem wasn’t diagnosed until it reached stage 3.5 – 4 with the primary tumor growing to a length of 9 cm.  We will continue to explore all options, but this is a fast moving disease that is not curative.  This is difficult to say and it may sound like we are giving up, but that is not the case.  We are going to fight this disease and expect good things to happen.  

Radiation and Chemotherapy will start on November 24th t and we are confident that new combinations of therapy and or surgery (not to mention the support of the entire Kaiser Oncology staff) will reduce the size and slow the growth so Crystal can enjoy time with Rylee, Aiden, Gaven, family, and friends. 

No one knows for sure, but we were told to expect a couple of years depending on how she reacts to the upcoming 6-8 week treatment.  After that she must balance future treatments and quality of life.  With a little luck, your support, and prayers we are going for her 40th birthday (about 6 years from today).  We can do it… 

We appreciate all of your support, thoughts, prayer. Our door will remain open.  Crystal wants to make sure you know it is ok to visit and call anytime.  Her only request – no flowers. 

Crystal, Jason, Gaven, Aiden, Rylee

Crystal is more than my cousin. She is more like a sister and a best friend. She is 33 years old and she has a 2 ½ year old son named Aiden and a 8 month old daughter named Rylee.  She is married to Jason who has a 14 year old son named Gaven who Crystal treats as her own. 


Crystal worked so hard to become a nurse. The RN program is a 2 year program. She completed that and took it one step further and continued her education to get her bachelors degree in nursing.  The ironic part of all this is that she is an oncology nurse.  When she told me she wanted to get into oncology, I thought she was certifiably insane.  I could NEVER deal with all that sadness on a day to day basis.  Oncology is a special calling and she got it.  I don’t wish cancer on anyone but I definitely feel that it is NOT FAIR that it would attack my cousin who dedicated her life to helping cancer patients.


 How could this happen to my young cousin that has two babies depending on her? She asked me to create the Scrapbooks for her children so they would know who their mother was. She wants them to know what a great life she has, how much fun she is and of course how much she loves them. How do you let these children know what a wonderful person their mother is? You know how sometimes you wonder why life has taken you in one direction or another.  I think it was in God’s master plan that I would be called to do this one day so He led me to open a Scrapbook Store. I don’t think there is a better way to accomplish this task than through our passion, our hobby…scrapbooking.


We are in Colorado right now. We spent Thanksgiving with Crystal.  We are going through her pictures and organizing them so we can start making the scrapbooks.  I will be bringing these pictures home with me.  This is where we are pleading for your help.  I know you are all very busy with your day to day lives but if you can find it in your heart and find the time to make a layout for Crystal’s Scrapbook it would be a great big help for us.  We need all different types of layouts.  She will be scrapbooking her journals, emails that people sent to her and greeting cards. We would like these to be 2 page layouts with no set format.  She will also be scrapbooking lots and lots of photos.  We would like these to be 2 page layouts with several mats in different sizes but most for 4×6 photos.  We would also like an exposed spot for journaling (no hidden journaling please).


If you would like to know more about Crystal, see pictures and keep updated on her treatment program and her fight against cancer, her friends have started a blog for her. It is  We have created a link on our blog that will take you directly to Crystal’s blog.      


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Thank you for any layouts that you can contribute!!




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