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SGT just received huge shipment of chipboard in all sizes. Come in and check it out as soon as you can…you don’t want to miss out on that special size you may have been waiting for. Grab a couple pieces and make a cute mini book just in time for Easter. Or get an early start on a special book for mothers day. Make sure you also check out the die cut center and cut out some chipboard shapes for your next project. chipboard2

So, I was in the middle of trying to design something for the Quickutz Club for May… when my dad comes out of the kitchen, takes a couple of steps towards the living room… and says, ” What the Heck??”  My sister comes out of the family room after hearing him, but stops short right when getting to the living room, and goes, “Oh my god!”  I’m sitting there at the dining room table, wondering what could possibly be so interesting in the livingroom, so I get up and head over…

Now, are you ready for this??

My living room had tons of bees… they were coming in through the fireplace, there was like smoke coming out of it (which was just soot), and they were flying up towards the ceiling and landing on the curtains of the sliding glass door next the fireplace… and up into the skylight…

To make a long story short, we opened that sliding glass door… to try to get the bees to go outside… and saw that there were a lot of bees down in the lower corner of the curtains… went in the backyard, and sure enough, you could see bees flying around the top of our chimney.  The Bee Man came out and sprayed some chemicals into our chimney, vaccuumed up the bees out of the skylights, and yeah.  It was the most interesting experience we’ve had in this house so far, I think… And we’ve been living here since I was in the 8th grade…

Crazy, huh?

Really?  Need I say more??  Many ladies have walked into the store over the last few days and freaked out!  “Where’s the rbbon?””Did you stop selling ribbon?”  These are just a few of the  questions that I have been hearing.  Calm down.  We just moved the ribbon wall to the front of the store.  I guess that the ladies were so dead set at getting to the old location of the ribbon wall, they didn’t even notice that they walked past all of those glorious colors of ribbon right in front of the store.  Talk about being on a mission!  Trish and I had to move the ribbon.  We added a hundred or more rolls of ribbon and they simply wouldn’t fit anymore… so we made some changes.    The clearance area (with even more items) is now on the left side of the store toward the back and the ribbon wall is on the right side of the store toward the front.  I hope this verbal map helps you out!!

Michelle S.

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