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I just bought some new summer clothes. I was taking off the tags and realized how cute they were! A lot of the tags had some cute graphics and then there were others that you could just use as journal tags.  I had just bought my girls some new flip flops that had cute beach scenes on the tags. I’ve put all of them in a bag and put them with all my summer scrap supplies. I can’t wait to use them! I also tried using those clear labels for jounaling. They work perfect! The only problem was that the larger mailing labels were a little expensive.  Now I am motivated to get all my pages journaled………..  


Hi Girls,

           I was reading one of the scrap magazines and read a new journaling idea.  They said to buy clear labels and run them through the computer with your journaling. Then just stick them down on your page! The last scrap weekend I went on they didn’t have a computer so I have alot of journaling to get caught up on. I’m going to try it and see if it works ……


Last Friday my almost eighteen year old son had friends over. They all were hangin out watchin’ movies. My son asked if the guys could stay the night because they wanted to toilet paper a friends house. I said sure no problem.  I feel asleep and woke up @ 4:00am. I could tell that there were lights on still. I went out to the family room, lights are on but there’s no boy’s. I look upstairs and can see that my sons light is still on. I go up to his room and find one of the boy’s sitting straight up, our giant lab is on his lap and they are both totally asleep. I turn off the light and head back downstairs to the playroom. There I find my 14 year old son dead asleep. I nudge him and ask him where his brother is. He’s so incoherent he can’t even answer. Now I’m getting a little panicked. Humm, maybe there out in the spa. I turn on the pool lights stick my head out, no sign of them…..Their cars, I’ll go see if all the cars are there! Truck, Jeep, one’s missing? Panic and terrible thoughts begin to race through my head. I walk back into my room and wake my husband. “You’re son is not home and it’s 4:00am (notice he’s no longer my son). “Are you sure my husband ask’s I heard them in his room at 2:00”. “We’ll I’ve looked everywhere and I think one of the boy’s cars are gone.” Now my husband is getting dressed so we can have a two man attack. My husband and are both thinking were going to kill him when he gets home, we’ll make sure he’s safe and not hurt and then he’ll get the wrath of Dad and Mom. I go back upstairs still hoping we’re wrong, Maybe he’s sleeping in his brothers room or maybe I missed him on the floor in his. I check the rooms again to no avail. Already in my head I’m canceling his 18th birthday party we’re having for him next weekend. I decide maybe I missed him in the pool I don’t know how but I check again this time turning on all the outdoor lights. I walk across the yard trying to get a better look. nope not there but then I see the trampoline and it dawns on me to check it. All day the kids were sitting out there chatting on it. At first I don’t see anything but then as I get closer I see the blankets. Relief!! The two dummies have dragged every blanket from the house and are sound to sleep, under the stars, on the trampoline. What do they think they’re boy scouts or something! I could of killed them, I was an absolute wreck.I stomp back to the house and announce to my husband that I found them. My husband was just as irritated as I was “what the heck are they sleeping out there for!”. We both flop down into bed with our adrenaline pumping there is no way sleep is going to come any time soon. Then smiling I remembered that the sprinklers come on @ 5:00am and would drench them. 

Well thinkin about it now the whole thing is really very funny. The story would make a great scrap page. To bad I wasn’t some calm, cool collected mama that went and grabbed her camera. Maybe when my 4th child is a teenager and I’ve been through it all before I’ll handle it better. Then again my 4th child is going to be my wild one. I guess I’ll have to stick to those posed photo shoots for my pages.


HI Girls,

          Well I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!! My family made me breakfast in bed, I sat around in my PJ’s and scrapped, had a mini photo shoot with the kids (mothers day is always a good excuse to take pics, they can’t argue about smiling or that it’s taking too long!), finally I got dressed and we went to dinner and a movie…..I think it was just about a perfect day. I was working on some mini albums from a class I wasn’t able to attend. I was going to give them both away as teacher gifts but then decided that the album was so cute that I wanted to keep one for myself. I was just in the store and remembered they had the cutest mini album called “love conquers all”. Well I bought 2 and again I am going to make one for me and one for a teacher. If you have gifts that you need for the end of the year, graduation, or weddings the mini books are so cute, so easy, and so fast. If you get a chance pick up a book before their gone or sign up for a mini book class. 

                                                                         Happy scrappin’


Not only do I love scrapbooking but I love gardening too. For Easter I was having the whole family over for breakfast and an egg hunt so I had to get my yard looking decent.  I spent the week pulling weeds, adding mulch, and then finally planting. Now I have my green thumb back and cannot stop working in the yard. I don’t have alot of free time to begin with so it’s either gardening or scrapbooking I really don’t have time for both.  This weekend I found myself again in the garden instead of at my scrap table working. I have the cutest paper by American crafts laying there. I did get some new inspiration today for going back to scrappin’. I picked up  photo’s that had been developed in an 8×8 size which is a new photo size  for me to work with. So enough bloggin’ I gotta get scrappin’ 

So do you ever put your photo’s away in a safe spot so that after you go and shop you’ll know exactly where to find them.  Then later when you have all your scrap supplies you can’t find the photo’s any where! Where was that safe spot??? I just bought the Moxie Cruise line paper for my son’s 6th grade Catalina trip with school and then spent an hour looking for my photo’s that were in that safe spot…..Well I finally found them and knock the page out quick(I just love when that happens). Look for it in the store soon….


You know how you have the cutest photos and you shop and shop and cannot find paper to go with them. I’ve had the cutest photos of my daughter Katie from Halloween 06. She was a clown with a bright colored costume. You’d think I could find some kind of paper???? Well today I hit the jackpot!!!! The new Moxie circus paper is out and it matches perfectly!!!! And wouldn’t you know the new Basic Grey Birthday paper also mathches and there is the most adorable clown diecut pacK. I guess if you wait long enough you can find it……….

Hey girls,
Are you like me we buy all kinds of srapbooking supplies and then we buy organizers to be able to find all the supplies……but then new better organizers come out and we re-organize our supplies. Then new products come out like larger chipboard letters and they don’t fit into the old organizers so then you need new ones again. But the best part is the feeling you have after you have just reorganized everthing and you know exactly what you have and where it is!!!! Yes I have a sickness do you have it too? Scrappin Good Times has Dot Box by Cottage Mills which are my newest oganizers. They fit perfect in the Art Bin bags which I love on my Scrap Weekends. I also just transfered all my Bassill cardstock into the Cropper Hopper 12×12 paper holders and I love them. It makes it so easy to see the colors of my paper now. Yes I just reorganized for the……I don’t know how many times I lost count But boy does it feel good. Do you need some purple doodle Bug letters I know exactly where they are……

Hi Girls,
This weekend I got a glimpse of what a bus tour was. Oh My Gosh I so want to go on the next one. It’s a huge party with all your scrap Girl friends!!!!! All the ladies were dressed in St Patty’s gear, one gal even had on a 3ft green Bee hive wig and green elf shoes (she looked like she just stepped out of a Dr. Suese book). All the make and takes were just adorable and there was food I did not have to make myself. Good thing the Next one is not for a couple of months because I need to save up for all the awesome products. Scrappin good times had just set out all kinds of new product and I spent over $……(I can’t say don’t want my hubby to find out). On the bus tour I would of had 2 other stores to visit as well…….I’m saving for the next one now!!! Hope to see you on the next one it will be a fun filled day!!!!

Of course 3 hours after I am in the store my sister Julie calls me and tells me LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE is in!!!! It was my favorite product at CHA. For any of you who have boy’s you are going to love it!!!! I am buying 2 of everything….It is great for school, surfing, skating, any thing boy. I am racing to the store now you better get it quick cause it going to go fast!
gogo (Traci)

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