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I am off on vacation again.  Tomorrow I leave to spend the week with my parents in Northern Idaho.  I love spending time up there, it is usually one of the most relaxing vacations I take during the year.  I sleep in, sit by the lake and read a book, go for long walks, and I even get a little scrapbooking in.  This year I am taking 4 kits up with me that one of the instructors did.  They are already precut so all I need is to pack my tape and I’m good to go!!! If you don’t have time to take the class, buy the kit and take it on vacation with you!! -Cheri

If you know me, I am always on the look out for a great idea to scrap lift.  When I’m not in the store taking pictures of the layouts on display, I am looking through my scrapbook magazines. Yesterday I got my Scrapbook Ect by Better Homes and Gardens in the mail.  I think its become one of my favorite scrapbook magazines.  I go through it one time looking for ideas on layouts and embellishments.  I also like to read the articles and tips on taking pictures and how to do certain techniques.  After I have gone through the magazine, I then go back through it one more time.  First I rip out the 2 page sketch drawings, then I rip out the pages that coordinate with the sketches.  I place them all inside the sketch pages so they are together.  I then rip out any other layouts I like or if I don’t like the layout, if there is a cute embellishment or idea, I will rip out that page.  I like to circle the embellishment since months later I will look at the same layout and wonder why I kept it in the first place.  If there are any techniques I want to try, I will rip those pages out.  Once I am done, I throw away the magazine and file away my treasures in a storage box.  When I need an idea, I know just where to find them!!! -Cheri

I spent this weekend scrapbooking with my sisters, Julie and Traci, for my 40th birthday.  There was nothing I wanted more for my birthday other than to spend time with them doing what I love, SCRAPBOOKING!  Many of you have been blessed by them.  Julie, who shares her wonderful talent by giving classes at the store and Traci, whose designs are scattered throughout the store.  But I thank God everyday for my sisters who bless me more than they know.  Not only with their help and patience whilewe are scrapbooking when I ask, “Should I put this here or over here?”, but I am blessed by them because they are not only my sisters, but my best friends!! I love you both and I am blessed because of you! -Cheri

I started scrapbooking when my son was first born.  That was over 17 years ago!!  The other day I pulled out his baby book to show some friends.  It was fun to see how styles have changed.  The short haircut I had, the leggings and big baggy shirts that did nothing for my figure!! I noticed that not only has the style of my hair changed, but the style of my scrapbooking too! Nick’s enitre baby book was done in die cuts, stickers and a little bit of doodling.  As my son has grown into a wonderful young man, so has the scrapbooking industry! I love all the variety that is available today with all the textured papers, embellishments, ribbons, ect.  The designs are endless.  I sometimes think about going back and redoing my earlier albums, but I think I will leave them as they are.  Not only do the pictures bring back memories, but the things I used during the time I scrapbooked remind me of how the seasons change!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!! I spent my 3 days painting with my kids.  Saturday, we painted Sarah’s room, on Sunday we painted Nick’s room and on Monday I painted the hallway.  A few weekends ago I bought them both new furniture and next week we will be getting new carpet!!! I took pictures of their rooms before I started, while we painted as a family and when it’s all done, I will take the “After” pictures.  I can’t wait to see how their rooms have transformed to fit their individual personalities and then scrapbook our busy weekend as we worked together as a family!! -Cheri 

Yesterday I came home from Hawaii with over 600 pictures that I wasn’t happy with and that’s no lie!!!  Every single picture looked over exposed.  In March Cindy posted a blog about Picasa by Google, a free download to crop and store your pictures.  I went online tonight and downloaded the program.  I went through all my pictures and I found I had to fix the contrast on all of them and now they look beautiful and full of color.  Obviously there is something wrong with my camera and I am going to take it in before my next vacation, but Picasa2 has saved the day and now I can remember the beauty of Hawaii!  The program is so easy to use and has many features.  I work all day on the computer and don’t want to spend too much time cropping my pictures. If you feel the same way or aren’t computer savvy, this is the program for you!!  Plus it’s free! Thanks Cindy for the tip!!  – Cheri



It’s that time of year to celebrate Mom and Dad!  Are you looking for the perfect gift?  Not enough time to scrapbook an entire album?  Put together an Acrylic Album by Clear Scraps, BoBunny or Carolee’s.  They make a special gift and you can put it together in a day! There are other great gifts by Kaiser Kraft for the home or better yet, the dorm room for your recent high school grad!!

I think we all go to the 50% off section as we make our way through the store.  Is it the first place you go or the last?   Well today I was in the store and there is more product in the 50% off section than ever!! If you want to get started on your Christmas shopping, there are some card kits that are great!  I bought 4 of them which makes 40 cards. I’m going to get a head start on that hectic time of year.  Rush in so you can get your cards, there are only 6 left!!  Also, I noticed that there are 3 Bugs In A Rug paper on sale at 50% off.  If you go to the front of the store, there are lots of layout ideas using 3 Bugs In A Rug so you can save on your paper and get an idea all at one time!! So don’t forget your camera!!

You know it doesn’t matter if you take 2 weeks vacation, 1 week vacation or just a 3 day weekend. Everyone needs a vacation and that includes me!! I am writing this blog from my trailer that is sitting right on the beach up in Carpinteria. My man is cooking me breakfast and I am relaxing. No work, No email, No phones!! What could be better? Maybe my scrapbooking supplies, but I brought those too! Yesterday I took pictures as we walked along the beach. I can’t wait until my next vacation which is only 30 days away and I will be taking pictures of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii!!! When is your next vacation???? -Cheri

Sometimes I think the hardest part of scrapbooking is coming up with an idea! I was in the store the other night just browsing around and I love all the layouts!! There are so many to choose from. The best part is that some of the layouts are right there next to the paper so it’s easy to grab what I need. I bought enough paper to do 4 layouts!!! With my handy dandy camera, I took some pictures and now I can’t wait to scrapbook them this weekend! I can do all 4 in no time at all!! April 1st is just around the corner and that means… MORE LAYOUTS AND MORE IDEAS!!! Thanks to all the Good Time Girls that put so much time into making beautiful layouts! -Cheri

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