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Recently I tried to take a photo a day for the entire month. I did succeed in reaching my goal. I was trying to capture what my life is like at this time. It was difficult at times to take a photo of an untidy room or the mess in my scrapbooking room, but I forced myself to not tidy up and just take the shot of where I am at. It was exciting and encouraging because it allowed me to tell my true story rather than a perfect neat little story. I would encourage everyone to give it a shot.

So I’m thumbing through a scrapbooking magazine and the focus of the issue is “simple gifts for each season.” I decided to check out summer holidays. As we all know the big holiday is 4th of July, but a few ideas later I came across “National Ice Cream Sundae Day.” Who knew? Apparently this holiday is to commemorate the first ice cream sundae ever served on July 8, 1881 in Wisconsin. Forget fireworks we are talking about ice cream people!!! This is one of my new favorite holidays. You can bet I’ll be celebrating this year!

I recently purchased the QuicKutz Limited Edition Alphabet – Chopsticks. Even though I’m not planning any trips to Asia, I think the font is adorable and could have many uses. I’m currently working on a family potluck album and this will come in handy. It’s not too big that I can’t create words on my page, and it’s not so small that it gets lost in the layout. I’m really looking forward to using it as soon as I get some scrapbooking time.

We all come to SGT for supplies, friends, and inspiration. You know that when you walk in the door you will be struck by the beautiful displays. I often find that when I’m creatively challenged a visit to SGT brings back the spark. Looking at projects and layouts, anyone can find a technique or paper that they have not used. It’s an experience I like to share with my fellow scrapbookers. Thanks so much SGT for your inspiration.

How many times have you sat down to create your scrapbooking pages and drew a blank on what to title it or what to journal about? Usually I know exactly what I want on my page, but sometimes I’m completely blocked on my title or journaling. Years ago I used to keep a journal, but recently started up again. I’ve discovered that it is a jewel for my blocked moments. It is a handy tool to have. Just today I scribbled down some notes on what my nephew says (he’s 2). At such a young age words change quickly and develop into actual words, so it was important for me to note how he says words now and they will make a wonderful addition to my pages about him.

Tonight I had the opportunity to meet one of Dr. Heidi’s faithfuls. What a gal! She was definitely encouraging about our little Heidi. Dr. Heidi always keeps us laughing and I can see why the girls would keep coming back to Scrap Therapy. If you haven’t already tried it, you are missing all of the fun. These ladies will keep you in stitches. I’m sure Dr. Heidi would be thrilled to have you.

Has anyone heard about the new “photo-safe” testing label, “ISO 18902”? I was reading an article on and it talked about how “acid-free” was directed at museums and the like before, but with the change in industry of digital photography and scrapbooking they created a new label for such products. They say the package may now state “meets ISO 18902” or is “photo-safe as per ISO 18902”. I thought it was pretty interesting that “acid-free” has a whole new meaning now, apparently meeting a little more strict standards.

I just saw the new borders for the Revolution. I am so excited to try it out, but a little bummed that I can’t get the platform until April. Okay I know April is only a few days away, but it is still a few days away. If you don’t have a Revolution machine yet you will want one. With new dies available how can you resist! 🙂

anakinpony.jpgYesterday I took my nephew, Anakin, to Griffith Park. For $2.50 you can ride a little train that takes you on about a 15 minute ride. Next to the train is the pony rides. I’m not talking about the ponies attached to the metal bars that walk in circles (like at a street fair). These ponies are not tethered. The child is strapped in to the saddle and the ponies follow a single track all on their own. For only $3.00 the kids get 2 trips around the track. It is amazing! Anakin loved it so much he didn’t want to stop. I ended up spending $15.00 on the ponies, but it was well worth it.

We had our 3rd Family Potluck on Saturday, March 1st. My husband and I prepared all week and then woke up to RAIN. We had to re-evaluate and now clean our house from top to bottom for the many guests that would arrive. By the time of the potluck we were exhausted, but we put on our smiling faces. My husband offered to take the pictures of the food dishes and the guests since I was busy with our own dish. At the party’s end (10:15pm), my husband and I sank onto the sofa determined not to move for awhile. I asked him where he put the camera so that I could check out the pictures. As I scrolled through them I noticed there were only half of the guests. When I asked him what happened he replied, “maybe I don’t know how to use the camera, I thought I got everyone.” UGH!!! What do I do now? I’m going to have to get creative with the scrapbooking on this one.


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