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The day finally came…

Posted on: September 20, 2009

Yep, Devon actually moved down to San Diego yesterday.  Her dad and I moved her in to her dorm room at UCSD.  Happy, proud, excited, sad…all hit me at the same time.

Here she is saying goodbye to the dog and heading out…

Devon and Buster


Time to go


We actually managed to get everything in my little CRV, plus the three of us. 

The car is packed


Checking in at her college, Eleanor Roosevelt –

checking in


UCSD is kind of cool in that it’s a huge university (over 25,000 students), but it’s also made up of six smaller colleges.  She’s part of Eleanore Roosevelt College.  They have their own area of the school and several dorm buildings.  She’s in Asia Hall.  It’s pretty interesting.

Here’s her room before, and with one of her 15 suite mates Crystal (center) and her roommate Janine (right).

Home sweet dorm


And then it got crazy and a little rushed.  It was late afternoon and they all wanted to go to dinner at 5:30, so I forgot to take any more pictures.  Can you believe it.  So I sent her a text when I got home, and then she e-mailed me this picture.

Devon at UCSD


This morning I woke up too early and of course I haven’t stopped thinking about her yet!  I admit I moped around the house a lot this morning.  Thank goodness I’m working at the store today with Allie.  Marcie has a class, and that should all help me keep from being too sad for a while.  I’m so happy for her, but also a little worried (as I’m sure all mothers are in this situation) and will be a little anxious until I know she’s settled in and familiar with her new surroundings.

Thanks for listening…Barbara

(For those who don’t know us, she’s my only child…)

7 Responses to "The day finally came…"

You have raised a wonderful girl. She’s gonna be fine and you are too. We’ll all make sure of it.

Hey Barbara – Hang in there – Another one of lifes changes we have to live thur. I guess the Good Time Girls will have to keep you busy. And I know having an only child how it feels And for all Moms our children are always our babies regardless of there age. Devon is a wonderful young lady and she is going to do great.

Barbara, you have raised a beautiful, wonderful, sweet, intelligent (I could go on but I wont) daughter. I am positive that she will always make good decisions. She is always only a phone call away!! All the Good Time Girls are here to take care of you and keep you busy!! I hope you find comfort knowing that this is the beginning of the rest of her life. Trish

oh barb…i feel for you…in two short years i will be in the same position and i am already having a hard time!!! those only child girls are going to be the end of us! it is so very exciting for devon and you are going to be just fine!!! just think of all that scrapping you are gonna get done!!! thinking of you during this transition!

I loved reading your post this morning…Best wishes and good luck to Devon on her new adventure. I am also a mother to one child, a daughter, and I can totally relate to what you wrote. You and Devon seem like you have a wonderful relationship.

Sincerely, Belinda

So-o-o excited for Devon! The college years are so pivotal… these next few years are going to be so fun to see Devon change from a high school girl into a college woman… 🙂

Love the bedding!

Hey Barb, you have raised such a wonderful girl. She will do good in college. As for you … don’t worry- we will help you over to Applebees for drinks 🙂 woo hoo

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