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I just have to share this tip!

Posted on: August 25, 2009

Let me preface that I am in no way trying to lay claim to this tip. I have not seen it posted anywhere before, but I know I cannot be the first person to come up with this idea. However, I do believe I came up with it on my own.

I keep seeing thse mini letter stickers on lots of talented scrapbookers projects. I decided I wanted some. But I had some dilemas. (1) I have two kids and can’t just pop into the scrapbook store when I want and (2) I hate to buy something if I can make it. So to appease my need for instant gratification, I began to ponder how I might be able to come up with something similar enough to those letter stickers. Below are some pictures and simple steps on how I came about my success.

I decided to open Word and type lines of each letter of the alphabet. I think I used a size 12 or 14 font in Times New Roman. Nothing fancy! I placed a blank line in between each letter at a size 6 font because I knew I would be trimming them into strips and wanted some extra wiggle room. I did them in black and printed on white cardstock. Then I changed the font color to brown and printed those out on white cardstock. Here’s what they looked like printed out.

IMG_4306 size

Then I busted out my handy dandy paper trimmer and began slicing the rows of letters into strips. Note: I didn’t get all anal about making each row the exact same width. I eyeballed it based on the size of the letter. So my lowercase “a” row is going to be thinner than my lower case “l”. Here’s the finished product. Yes, that is the same carpet, I just got lazy in my photoediting hence why it looks different in this picture.

IMG_4312 size

Now I have all these strips of letters and whenever I wish to have that letter sticker look I am talking about, I find the correct strip and snip off one of the letters. Then I just drag all the edges across my inking tool with the right ink color and voila! I have letter stickers to help me with my journaling and/or titles.

letter stickers

The great thing is you can make these whatever color font you want, whatever font style you want, whatever font size you want, and can print on whatever color paper you want. Thus making the possibilities seemingly endless.

~ Krista

3 Responses to "I just have to share this tip!"

OMG!! Krista that is awesome!! I love how the individual inked letters look. You are fab 🙂

This is such a great idea….I never thought of this before. It is nice when you don’t feel like busting out the die cuts for a title… It would probably work nice on cards too 😉

I love this tip! I am so going to make some of these little letters to use in my Europe scrapbook. That way it will be consistent throughout the book. Thanks!

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