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i have a few times of the year that are my favorite…when the first signs of the spring bulbs break the surface, when the weather is finally cool enough to wear a scarf (not often enough in California!), when i hear the first Christmas carol being sung, when it is finally warm enough to dive into the pool…there are lots more…little joys that bring me happiness…

around SGT there are favorite times of the month…class kick off time being my number one…second in line…

the end of the month, because that means that it is the beginning of a brand new month…new classes, new displays…new designs being shown from our fabulous (i mean FABULOUS!!!!!) design team…i always make it a point to get to the store right at the beginning of the month to see all the new layouts and fun ideas that the girls have come up with…the showcase changes but there are also new layouts throughout the store…love it!!

here is just a little peak at a new layout i did for the store…

samiepool2i hope the last few weeks of freedom go really well for you moms! i look forward to seeing you at the store…come see what we’ve been up to!


A big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! To the Tuesday morning crop ladies, you are the BEST!!!!!!! Everyone kept asking meĀ ,why are you working on your Birthday? And my response was, “Tuesday is my favorite day of the week, how could I miss it?” I especially want to thank Irene, Sharon, Nancy (old eyes), both Linda S’s, Downtown Mary Brown, Moss, Heidi HO HO, Tracie, Donna, Trish and Vivina for making my Birthday so special. I love you all!! I pray I live another 41 years!!!!!!!!!!!


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