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 If you missed it the first time around when the My Mind’s Eye Bloom and Grow line FLEW out of the store in February, we just got some more in.  It’s waiting for you!  And if you do like it, you’ll be happy to learn that several of our store projects for May are made from this line. 



Hope to see you Friday night at the BIG sale to kick off the National Scrapbook Weekend!


I remember reading a blog entry from Heidi as she approached her 1st year at SGT and thinking, wow how cool!!! Now here I am a couple of days away from my own year at the store! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!! There have been many laughs and smiles, a few tears, but most of all some very GOOD times spent with the SGT Family and customers : )  Thank you ALL for welcoming me in and I look forward to another year of Good Times!!


Did you guys just see in your inbox what I saw in mine? The SGT Newsletter … announcing the awesome sale they’re having on Friday, May 1st in honor of (dum dum de dum)

NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY —> only the best holiday ever if you ask me.

Here’s a quick recap (and note, if you’re not receiving the newsletter and would like to, give the store a holler or drop on by and make mention of it):

National Scrapbook Day

Hope to see you all there.

~ Krista

there are times in my life that i feel very blessed to be a scrapbooker…the memories that we preserve, the love that we put into our layouts, the legacy we know will be handed down…made by our own hands…we touch so many lives…and our lives are that much fuller because of it…

i went on my very first scrapbooking weekend and i am so totally hooked! i loved it!!! i can’t wait to do it again…creative juices flowing, hardly any sleep, lots of junk food, friends gabbing the day AND night away…fabulous…

here is one of the layouts i did…i actually found this paper in the store the day before i left…sometimes you find something fabulous lurking in a corner that you passed several times without seeing it…that’s why i circle the store FOREVER before i feel like i might have seen everything there is to see…


take a closer look next time you are in the store, slow it down a bit and look in every nook and cranny…you may be surprised by the wonderful things you find!


There has been alot of sad times for some of our SGT family.  God has given us family, friends and a earth full of a beautiful creation.  For some the time we are here is full.  Others it seems time has been cut much too short.  But no matter the time line of each of us we touch each others lives.  I know all the SGT staff will agree with me what a great group of people are connected with SGT.  We all our blessed to be apart of.  So join me today in uplifting in prayer those of the SGT family who need our prayers. 



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