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Our WICKED 9th Anniversary

Posted on: November 7, 2008

Gilbert and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on Thursday November 6.  It seems like yesterday that we got married. I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.  He knows me so well. He knows what I want before I know what I want.  I will tell you a funny story. He called me on his way home from work on Wednesday and said that he was going to stop somewhere for a snack because we wouldn’t be able to get dinner until after the store closed.  He asked if I wanted something. I said “No”.  He got to the store and had a hot dog and soda from Target.  I started whining like the punk that I am and said, “Why didn’t you bring me popcorn. You know I love Target popcorn”. He said, “You said you didn’t want anything”. I said, “Well you didn’t tell me you were going to Target. If you would have told me, I would have asked you to bring me some popcorn.  If you loved me you would have just brought me some popcorn because you know I love it”.  A few minutes later, he got up from his chair, went out to his car and brought in a bag of yummy Target popcorn.  He DOES know me and he DOES love me and he KNEW I would want popcorn.  He knows me so well that he knew I would whine. Knowing all this, he purposely left the popcorn in the car to play a joke on me. I played right into his joke.  Isn’t that the perfect man??

A few of us were talking about the musical Wicked. Gilbert knew that I have wanted to see Wicked since it came to L.A.  I thought I was the only one who had not seen it yet.  I really thought I missed the boat because It was supposed to end in October.  I didn’t know it had been extended until January.  Gilbert had already been looking in to it and thought it would be something fun for us to on our Anniversary.  But he wasn’t sure if he should buy the tickets or not.  I encouraged him to buy them.  So yesterday we got dressed up and cruised down to the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.  We got there in plenty of time to grab a bit to eat. We walked down Hollywood Boulevard and found a Chinese restaurant called, Kung Pao Kitty.  The food was excellent and the service was superb.  We sat next to a couple of guys who had a table full of food and they assured us that EVERYTHING was good!!  

After dinner, we walked back to the Pantages. Our seats were front row, center of the mezzanine. So we were in the front row, one level up…no heads in front of us.  We had THEEEE best seats in the house!! I have seen several musicals but Wicked was truly the best musical I have ever seen.  The singing is fabulous, It is funny, it is entertaining, it has a great story, it has everything!!  If you haven’t seen it, get your tickets NOW!!  You will not regret it!! Perfect dinner, perfect musical, perfect night with the perfect man!!

So what do you get the perfect man for his anniversary?  Gilbert is a pretty simple man, he doesn’t ask for much. What he does love is electronic gadgets.  He has them all.  He has been wanting a High Definition DVR.  He had also been researching Verizon’s FiOs to make the computer go at lightning speed.  We are so busy with the store that we do not have much time to watch TV.  We do manage to Tivo enough programs to keep us busy.  I think we are the only household that does not have cable or satellite TV.  Gilbert has always wanted it but I have refused to get it. I refused for two reasons: 1. We don’t have time to watch all that TV and 2. I am a total TV junkie, when we stay in a hotel that has Satellite TV I get sucked in.  I become a total couch potato. I can watch the Discovery Channel ALL DAY LONG!!! Shark Week, The Deadliest Catch, The Dirtiest Jobs and if you get a marathon day…ooohhhh that is the best!!!  Can you see where I am coming from.  Since I couldn’t think of anything to get him, I finally gave in.  I called Verizon and after speaking with Crystal, the customer service agent, for half an hour, I ordered an entire FiOs Bundle.  It includes your phone service, fiber optics for your computer so you go from 3 megs to 20 megs (I dont know what that means, but it sounds great), and TV Essentials that has 200 channels and an HD DVR. 

I can’t believe that I finally gave in.  They are installing everything on Saturday, November 29, so if you dont see us after that, you know where you can find us… In front of our big screen TV!!!  Oh well, all that matters is that Gilbert was soooo happy!!  When Gilbert is happy, I am happy, so it was all worth it!!


2 Responses to "Our WICKED 9th Anniversary"

I think that has to be THE CUTEST story I have ever heard!! You two are wayy too cute!

… oh, and Wicked is probably the BEST musical I’ve ever seen too…

Hope the two of you have another 99 years of happiness together!!

I remember the day you got married. It was the most beautiful wedding and reception ever…and that cake was gorgeous!

I’m so glad that you are both happy after all of these years. I’m also so blessed to consider you friends!


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