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We’re Off!!

Posted on: August 20, 2008

For those of you who know my journey you have known that this day was coming for me.  I am currently writing this blog to you from the University of Colorado.  Yep!!  Today was the big day.  The day Jamie has left for college.  I haven’t had to say goodbye yet…I will have to do that on saturday…but I feel like I have said goodbye so many times already.  I have watched her be in tears saying goodbye to her friends, other family members, and the hardest one of all was saying goodbye to her daddy.  Of course, I have cried each and every time right along with her.  It broke my heart this morning watching my husband fall apart even before we left the house and when we arrived at the airport he just couldn’t hold back the tears.  This was by far the most difficult moment of his life.  He is just not ready to let her go.  My husband is known to be such a tough guy but deep down he is a huge softie. 

On an upside,  Jamie and I spent the day getting her books, and buying supplies for school and her dorm room.  WOW!!  College is a money pit.  I have spent so much money today.  I guess I should plan on being broke for at least the next 4 years, right!!  She will move in first tihing in the morning.  She also had an interview today for a job working in the library.  She got the job!!  The nice thing is that this job will allow her to have lots of study time while being at work.  How perfect is that!!

I am very sad that I will also have to say goodbye in just a few short days but I am excited for this new journey she is taking.  I am already proud of how strong she is being in leaving home.  I hope she finds college to be all that she wants it to be, and then some!!      Julie

4 Responses to "We’re Off!!"

Awww Julie! It’s been so long since I have sat and chatted with you. I didn’t even think to ask which college she’ll be going to. Congrats to Jamie! What a fun adventure for her. Hindsight being 20-20, I would definitely have gone away to college. I know this is hard on you. Good news is the holidays will be here before you know it, so she’ll be back then. And CO is beautiful, as you well know, so the many trips I am sure you’ll make out there will be filled with gorgeous scenery. Good luck! You all will be stronger and probably even closer than you are now with this separation. ~ Krista

Julie, you are so brave. My little girl is only 4 and reading this brought tears to my eyes at thought of someday having to make the same trip and the same goodbyes with her. Enjoy your days together and know that this next step in both of your lives will make your relationship with her only stronger and deeper. Good luck!!! (sniff, sniff)


Julie, the emotional roller coaster of sending our babies off to college is wild. You spend their formative years gearing them up to be independent, responsible, reliable people and when they start to spread their wings it’s like we hit a brick wall. The good thing is that in this process we get to watch them soar and become the people they want to be. Basque in her joy to help you get over the hump. We’re there for you! C U soon — Hugs, Sharon

OMG Julie, your daughter will cherish her first days of college, because you and your husband were there to share it with her!! It’s hard letting go, but I remember going off to college for the 1st time and having my mom there supporting and believing in me. She helped me move into the dorms and came to all the Parent’s Day Events. Knowing she was still going to be there helped with my transition. And my favorite was receiving letters from her (snail mail)….yeah way back before the internet!!! Ooooh and the care packages, those were the BEST too : ) Way back then we stopped saying “goodbye” and started saying “I’ll see you soon!” Enjoy : )
Angie :o)

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