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I am off on vacation again.  Tomorrow I leave to spend the week with my parents in Northern Idaho.  I love spending time up there, it is usually one of the most relaxing vacations I take during the year.  I sleep in, sit by the lake and read a book, go for long walks, and I even get a little scrapbooking in.  This year I am taking 4 kits up with me that one of the instructors did.  They are already precut so all I need is to pack my tape and I’m good to go!!! If you don’t have time to take the class, buy the kit and take it on vacation with you!! -Cheri

Have you ever downloaded a font and then tried to use it only to find that it’s not showing up? Irene and I were discussing this yesterday and I decided to Google the topic in order to find the exact steps used to correct this problem. I found this site.

These steps are along the same lines as what I have done in the past. Note: most of the time your fonts should download to C:/Windows/Fonts unless you have specifically told them to be saved somewhere else.

I hope this is helpful to some of you.

~ Krista

PS – this is for Windows users but I believe at the bottom of the article are links for Mac users who may experience problems as well.

Check out the classes section on the web site to read descriptions about our upcoming classes, then head on down to SGT on Friday night for Class Kick Off. It will be your first chance to see all the great new projects that the design team girls have been working on. Be there early so that you have first chance to sign up for these wonderful classes. You wont be disappointed!!!!

20 free fonts from
aren’t they sweet???

Check it out here:


I am trying out for the Memory Makers Masters Contest and just got notice that it arrived today!  PHEW!  Just cross your fingers and I wish everyone else GOOD LUCK as they enter this contest with me!!  You know who you are and I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for you!!!


Don’t know if there is such a word but that’s what I’m going through! We just got back from a great 10 day trip to Campland in San Diego. This is our 10th year of  getting together with families and friends (taking up about 10 campsites). Over the years, we’ve watched kids grow up, welcomed new babies, shared triumphs and tragedies, and made new friends. Each year is so different but the wonderful comrade is always consistent.

It always takes a couple of days to mellow out, relax, and wind down but eventually it happens- No schedules, alarm clocks,  or places to be…. just a chance to visit, kick back, read a book, and my favorite… watch the kids and grandkids interact, bond, and make special memories.

My most favorite tradition is getting together for dinner. Everyone helps out with meal planning, shoping, preparing, and clean-up so it’s never a chore… just more of a chance to visit and share. The four middle campsites pull all the picnic tables together and we all join in- it’s such a positive feeling. I think this year, there were 44 at our biggest gathering!

Now we’re back home and I’m finding that I’m again reacclimating,,, back to the obligations, schedules, routines, and responsibilities.   Oh well, there’s always next year to look forward to!

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