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Shake, rattle and roll!

Posted on: July 29, 2008


Today the Club Java croppers had the joy of inspecting the carpet under the SGT cropping tables. EEeeeeek! The store is only about 15 miles from the epicenter so we felt it pretty good.  We really bonded while we huddled under those tables and are all so much closer now. ;-D

Where were *you* when the tremblor struck?

18 Responses to "Shake, rattle and roll!"

I was actually looking at pictures of one of my nieces who is coming to visit next week. I was choosing the pictures that I am going to use to make a small album for her. Go figure!!

I was at Azusa Pacific University working in a moduler building on a project. The whole modular felt like I was in a cardboard box and someone was shaking me like a salt and pepper shaker. For me the hardest part was not being able to check on my son and mom because of the phone lines.

I was in a high rise building in downtown L.A. It was the 48th Floor! We shook, rattled and rolled as my friend Julie put it! It was sure scary. Many people on my floor experienced their first earthquake and they said it was not fun!

I was at the Stater Bros. in Walnut when that darned thing hit. I probably was in the best place I could be in the store…back by the butcher block. The only thing that could fall on me was lunchmeat. Going through the store to get out…I saw empty shelves and stuff spilled and broken all over the floor…clean up on aisle 14.

I went back to the store today to finish what I had started yesterday and everything was clean and restocked…it was a little bit freaky being back in there since I had seen what could happen.

Glad I wasn’t at Sam’s or Home Depot. Hope you’re all ok!

I was shopping at SGT — I never made it under the tables with the rest of the gals!!! At first I thought it was the audio store turning up the bass — then it started to rumble — I looked up and saw Trish coming in the back door! I went back to the tables, grabbed my phone and called home. Socrates slept through it! Phones were hit & miss — texting was easier.Alan was at ULV with the new students for orientation. One Wisconsin youth in his group was really rattled. When I got home there was a message from my aunt in CT — she wanted us to hop on a plane and come where the earth stands still!!!! She said they don’t have quakes there. I grew up in CT — it’s hot & humid — I’ll pass!!!!

I was at home, and had just got off the phone with a girlfriend. Now I know what they mean mean when they say things fly off the shelves. Everything fell from the book case, the middle of my entertainment center completely fell. Wow what a jolt! As I got up to go to my daughter who is 23 years old, she was running to me down the hall, her face looked just like she did when she was three and scared – but all is fine – Thank you Lord! Take care girls… LuvU

I was bonding with Cindy & my friend Jennifer underneath the tables!!! It was Jennifer’s first time at a Scrapbook store & boy was it memorable!
Well, I figure if it was my time to go at least I was doing one of my favorite things!!! LOL.. Thank you Lord that it wasn’t the case & that all is well.

I was in my quilt class. it was the last day for the summer.
I usually really get so nerve. I take my class at the Senior Center in Hacienda Heights. I was more worry about the elders there. So it keep me calm.

I was up at SGT under the table with my scrapping buddy Nancy. It was the first time all summer that I had the time to come and scrap – and we had an earthquake! Myy dd (13) was at home so I flew out of the store the minute the shaking stopped. I didn’t even get to do any shopping!

I’m hoping to make it back up to SGT before the end of the summer to scrap – without an earthquake, please.

I was at SGT enjoying friendship and good laughs. Trying to place some ribbon on my scrapbook page my hand was shaking up a storm. Thought it was the car stereo store next door reving up their stereos but soon realized we were having an earthquake. There was a young girl with her mom beside me under the table, and I didn’t want to frighten her so did my best to stay very calm. I got my exercise for the day as my knees felt like jelly for the rest of the day.

I was at work on a jobsite office. We had to evacuate all our subcontractors and workers and thankfully everyone was all accounted for, just a little shook up. At least we are almost done building this hospital (and they are built to withstand an earthquake), so if it had to hit, it came at a good time. Only a few small leaks from piping and some caulking to do, and no stuck elevators, so it was ok. Not much productivity the rest of the day!

I was in the Early Intervention Classroom doing my internship hours in Atwater Village (it was my 1st week as LEAD TEACHER!!!. The kids were having lunch when I felt the rumble & knew. We played a game of lets get under the table quick…when it was safe to come out & the kids could not stay to finish their lunch – then the crying started….I began to sweat then. I also realized those tables are WAY TOO SMALL for a person my size as well as the other adults in the room. Not enough hiding or safe places in that building. : (

I was rocking my little girl for her nap when it struck. She was looking all around and raised her hands up as if she was asking what was that. My heart was pounding, though. My other little girl was already napping for 5 minutes and when I checked on her she was still sleeping!

I was at home with my husband and 9 year old son in La Habra. It was scary because first you could hear the tremor coming, the dog barking and suddenly, thud! Like something picked up my 2-story house and dropped it down. After I was worried, my 20-year old at work in Chino Hills, my 11-yr old daughter in Santa Fe Springs at cheer camp and my 3 year old at preschool. It was nerve racking worring for that moment. However, this was nothing compared to Whittier in ’87 and Northridge in ’94.

I was folding laundry and watching the news, as I passed the scrapbook room, things were looking like they were going to fall, but nothing actually did. We are only 15 miles from the epicenter, but we moved from Chino Hills to the flatlands east last year, and the hills had it much worse! My 16 year old was too busy reading, I had to call him to come out!

I was working the front desk at a recreation center in Las Vegas, NV. An email came through to all city employees several minutes after the earthquake hit that it was even felt in the City Hall tower here in Las Vegas. Several courtrooms in the Regional Justice Center also felt the jolt and cases were postponed for the day. I immediatey emailed my brother in Whittier but his response (sent several minutes later) did not arrive in my inbox before I had to leave an hour later.

To paraphrase a famous Las Vegas saying “What Happens in Southern California, Doesn’t Always Stay In Southern California.”

I was at work in Palm Springs for a Property Management Company and it really shook out here. I was the first to feel it, then another co-worker said “we are having an earthquake” and everyone got real quite. Now the really weird thing is, two our our co-workers were standing (we have a large open office) and didn’t feel it at all. We thought that was really strange. We could not make calls out on land or cell phones, but we could get calls in on the work lines. People were calling to book reservations and see rentals. We were all wondering why they would be calling us and not family and friends. Some did not know we even had an earthquake (they lived in another state or country) and I guess others just went on with everyday life.
My 17 year old son was asleep when he felt it and thought I was shaking his bed to wake him up. Usually he sleeps right through them.

I have lived in So. Cal all my life and I have been through a few major quakes-Sylmar 1971, Whittier 1987 and Northridge 1994 and each one is as scary as the last. You never get used to them. Luckly there was no major damage like the ones I mentioned.

I was at work in Walnut Calif. It did a whole lot of shake rattle and rolling. We have a big warehouse with 30ft ceiling. Sure am glad we were between shifts, no telling what might have happened. No one was hurt. Had a few ceiling fixtures and tiles fall down, but nothing else except rattle nerves. Hope everyone else made it thru the earthquake unhurt.

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