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For all of you who came to our Anniversary Sale, you know how much I love ribbon and organizing.  I have two boxes full, neatly wrapped on chipboard and organized by color.  This is what it looked like before:

(You know this is the perfect project to get done while I spend quality time watching TV with my hubby.) And my finished project looks like this:

I LOVE IT and you will too.  Everytime I need ribbon to finish off a page or project, it’s all there so beautifully displayed.   For those of you who would like to get started, SGT sells the clear plastic boxes and also the chipboard cards.  The only thing else you will need is a lot of straight pins.  And for those of you I met at the sale and you purchased your supplies, I am anxious to see your finished product.  Pamela

My birthday was actually on Friday, July 25. I was lucky enough to have four straight days of birthday celebrations…

Thursday, July 24                                                                                                                                            My birthday celebration started on Thursday night at the Quickutz Club Meeting.  I got tons of birthday well wishes from customers and club members. One of our customers, Victoria Knecht, made peanut butter Rice Krispie treats with about a half an inch chocolate frosting…mmmmmm they were sooooo yummy.  She also gave me a handmade card and a candle.  Stephanie Zilmer also gave me a handmade card (she gives them to us for every holiday and we love it) and she got me a personal fan because it has been so terribly hot in the store. 

I never go to bed before midnight.  In fact, on Thursday night I was still on the phone with Julie when at the stroke of midnight Gilbert came in with a lit candle singing Happy Birthday to me.  

Friday, July 25                                                                                                                                                 On Friday, my actual birthday,  I walked into work to find a dozen roses on my desk from my dad and several greeting cards from both my mom and dad.  Lots more well wishes from all of my customers, more handmade greeting cards, a rose from Linda Smith and Sharon Weinreb and Socrates (her dog) treated me and my mom to yogurt. I had every intention of working for a few hours but my mom convinced me that i should take the day off.  I have to be honest, it didn’t take much to convince me.  I got out my Scrapbook stuff and the fan that Stephanie gave me and got to work. I actually did some scrapbooking for myself…that doesnt happen too often.  I was deep into my scrapbooking when all of the Good Time Girls joined me for a birthday crop.  Rachel and Pat brought me a birthday cake from my favorite bakery, Heidi made me Birthday Brownies and Julie make me birthday chocolate chip cookies. We had a blast!!  Some of us stayed until 3 am!! Woohooo, die hard scrapbookers!!! 

Saturday, July 26                                                                                                                                             On Saturday morning I realized that staying up until 3 am wasntsuch a good idea.  Especially since I had to get up early to continue my birthday celebration.  My mother in law took us out to Birthday Brunch at Luminaria’s at 11 am.  It hurt to get up at 9:30 but once I got in the shower I was good to go.  Brunch was great!!  They even gave me a personalized plate with birthday cake on it.  After brunch, Gilbert and I went home and crashed onto the couch for a much needed two hour nap.  We got up at 3:30 and took off to my mom and dads house for a birthday barbecue.  My brother’s girlfriend Cassie is a master barbecuer.  She makes awesome marinades!!  We had tri tip and chicken along with twice baked mashed potatoes, chinese salad, corn on the cob and yummy cheese bread!!  Oooh, I am getting hungry just thinking about it. Family, great friends and good food.  It doesn’t get better than that!! 

Sunday, July 27                                                                                                                                                Ok, it’s almost over.  I had to hit the Container Store and Brighton which are both in Pasadena.  How very convenient that one of my favorite restaurants, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, is also in Pasadena.  On Sunday,  I convinced Gilbert that my birthday would not be complete unless I had a birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant.  So we cruised down to Pasadena and had an Awesome dinner with my best guy!!  

I am so sad that my birthday weekend has come to an end!!  Thank you to everyone, especially Gilbert, for obliging me and letting me celebrate my birthday for the entire weekend!!!  It was a BLAST!!  Until next year, my big FOUR – 0…eeek!!!    {Trish}


I tried out the new doodlebug flock today, and I must say Iam in love! It worked so great with the stayz on Glue pad. I stamped one of my fancy pants stamps on a piece of acetate with the glue pad and covered it with the pink felt powder. It turned out so cute. I bought the set of the different flock colors and I cant wait to try each one.

Girls, girls, girls!!  The scraptherapy project for this week is too cute to miss.  My Thursday partner Judy created the most darling small die cut birthday book.  I’m telling you, this is the most precious little book that is just perfect for keeping track of important birthdays. 

Scrap Therapy for July 31

Scrap Therapy for July 31

Remember to bring a small pair of scissors.  I can’t say enough how much I love my scraptherapy patients.  I have more fun with you guys…you rock!  I hope to see you all this week for a little bit of therapy and a whole lot of fun!!!

Dr. Ho

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