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Now I know that all of you are aware that Mick of Kaisercraft from Australia is coming to Scrappin’ Good Times on August 15th.  We are even doing a totally adorable mini book designed by SGT girl Traci Goshen.   Well, do you feel that you are you ready to actually hold a conversation with this Aussie QT?  I am guessing that many of you won’t know the “lingo” so I am going to help you out.  I have written many of the popular slang words and phrases that will help you keep a conversation interesting with Mick.

Togs or Costume–  bathing suit

Ankle Biter– small child  (I have been saying this for years and had no clue it was Aussie lingo)

Icy Pole–  popsicle

Oldies–  parents

Stickybeak– a nosy person

Yabber–  someone who talks a lot (and Trish will probably say that this is me… not true)

Who opened their lunch?– who farted?  (anyone who has a teenage boy will understand this, I do!!)

Spewin’– very angry

Sunnies– sunglasses

Brekkie– breakfast (this one intriqued me because my maiden name was Brekke)

Mate– friend (yeah, I know, but maybe some people didn’t know it yet)

The box– television

Fairy floss– cotton candy (I thought that was going to be undies, but I was wrong)

Thongs– cheap, rubber, backless sandals (nope, still not undies)

Not the full quid– not very bright

I hope that this quick, informative blog will assist you in keeping our Aussie lad feeling at home while he is visiting the ladies at SGT.  Don’t forget to sign up for this event on August 15th. 

See you soon,


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