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So… I been meaning to blog about my trip to Atlanta for about a week now… I’m totally laggin it, so.. here goes…
Alright, so I went to Atlanta, Georgia last weekend for my sorority, Alpha Phi Gamma’s, annual National Conference, which changes locations every year.  This year, it was held in Georgia, which doesn’t sound so exciting at first, but since I’d never been before, any new place to visit is exciting.  I love going to conference because I get to see all of the sisters from across the nation that I don’t normally get to see on a regular basis, but since I have been traveling A LOT this past year, it’s even more fun to see these girls, since I’ve gotten to know them more over the last year.

From LA.. only 3 of us made it out to conference this year.. =(  but I think the three of us had a blast!  We went a day early so that we could do some light touristy, sight seeing… since the actual conference was going to take up the bulk of our stay… I was in charge of determining what “sights” to see, and my sorority sister, Melody was in charge of deciding where we would eat… of course, she HAD TO HAVE chicken and waffles!  I believe we hit up a Waffle House after the club one night…at 3am… Yes, we are very serious when it comes to food…Anyhow, I digress…

First off, we went to the Georgia Aquarium… I love the sea and all the fishes!

Me, Melody, and Lupe In front of the Aquarium

Me, Melody, and Lupe In front of the Aquarium

Me N\' Da Nemo Lookalike

Da Nemo Lookalike


Look at her face!

 Here are a few pictures from our Sisterhood dinner and the Club Party!  Sisterhood Dinner is one of the highlights of Conference and is something that I look forward to every year.. How often do you get to dress up in semi-formal attire??  It’s just plain fun.  And… not to mention, GOOD EATS!!

Grand, Lil, & Big

Grand, Lil, & Big

 This picture is of my Grand Lil Sis, Ruth and my Lil Sis Jamie.  They are both from the University of Missouri and I don’t get to see them all the time, only…several times a year… But I love them!

Ladies of Alpha Chapter

On the Bus to the Club

At the club...

One last stop…before leaving Atlanta… We had to visit the World of Coca-Cola!  While I don’t necessarily drink regular Coke (though, it’s far better than Pepsi!!) I do drink Diet Coke, out of habit… But it was tons of fun and interesting to be able to see all of the Coke stuff… The tasting room and teh gift shop was definately the best part though!!  MMMM… 1000’s of calories in one room, but SOOO fun to be able to taste all the products from ALL over the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, North America…  =)
I have tons more pictures, of course, but I think that’s a good enough glimpse into my weekend.  All in all, it was awesome!! Despite the heat and the humidity…  I doubt I’ll ever go back there though…so I’m glad that we were able to hit some of the main tourist spots in that short compacted weekend, especially with conference taking up the majority of the time.
On a separate note, I TOTALLY love working at Scrappin’ Good Times, the girls are AWESOME!!  Let me just say that they made me feel at home and welcomed from the first time I stepped through the door!  =)  So excited to be a part of the team!!

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