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I hope everyone had a safe and sane 4th of July.  I know we did.  We celebrated my dad’s birthday with good food, good company, a few drinks and lots of laughs.  In the evening we headed over to the Toyota Speedway in Irwindale.  One of our customers, Jannelle, gave us VIP tickets. Her husband owns several Race Cars. We were sequestered from the Grandstands on our own private balcony. Since it was a private party, there weren’t that many people.  We pulled our chairs right up to the edge and watched the two races and a super cool choreographed driving routine by the CHP.  King Taco is one of the sponsors so the yummy tacos were flowing.  We LOVE King Taco!!  Gilbert got to listen to the whole race with the team’s headphones on.  He could hear the entire conversation between the pit crew and the driver.  I listened for a little while, it was AWESOME!!  There was a 5-6 car crash right in front of us.  We had to turn our heads because some of the fluid from one of the cars flew up and hit us.  After the race they had a fireworks show and all of the embers were falling down on us.  You know you have the BEST SEATS in the house when this happens!!  Gilbert is going to add some pictures.  Car #77 is the one that belongs to Jannelle’s family.

Ok, so enough of the races.  I have to get to the good stuff!!   We picked up the tickets at Jannelle’s house. Everyone wants to think they have an awesome Scrapbook Room.  Well you haven’t seen anything yet!!  Jannelle’s family converted a two car garage to a small apartment for one of their daughters.  Well, she no longer lives there and it is now Jannelle’s scrapbook room.  Girls, she is the envy of all!!  Scrapbook paraphenalia from floor to ceiling in the entire apartment…even the bathroom.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!  I vote that we have the next crop at Jannelle’s Scrapbook Apartment!!

Jannelle, thanks so much for the racing tickets.  We had a blast!!!



 It was so cute. Jannelle’s grandson thought Gilbert was his “Papa”!









Hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy 4th! Well, I just talked to my brother this afternoon and he was complaining about how he’s already butting heads with his 10 month old son! My mom and I just laughed, because my nephew Miles Christopher was removed from the hospital nursery on the second night of his newborn life! Yes, the nurses rolled him into my sister-in-law’s hospital room to inform her he was TOO LOUD. Cryin’ and hollering-he was disturbing the entire nursery and that just couldn’t happen!!! Her first nights memory of a sleeping newborn was shattered in seconds. For the rest of their hospital stay, Miles was basically banned from the nursery. The Feisty One was born!!! How quickly my brother forgot about those days. I had to refresh his memory–ha, ha, ha!!! So, Miles recently had his first professional photo shoot from the crib. It really is true what they say…..a picture is worth a thousand words!
The Feisty One

The Feisty One

Just thought I would write to say that I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend.  We stayed home this 4th of July because of our newest addition to our family!  She is a beautiful dog named “Roxie,” who we rescued from a shelter.  Since this was her first 4th of July with us, we wanted to stay home because we didn’t know how she might react to the noise from the fireworks.  Needless to say, we heard a couple of firecracker noises at our home; however, she didn’t really seem to notice!!  Anyway, glad to know she won’t be too nervous next year!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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