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Getting back from vacation SUCKS!!!  It is so hard for me to get back into the swing of things.  I had a lot of catching up to do so I had to force myself to get it done.  Ok so enough of the work stuff!!

Trish, Ronnie, Michelle, Gilbert

Our Cruise was FABULOUS!!  We had a great time and we got so much rest and relaxtion.  Ok, I must admit.  We did way over indulge in the beverage area.  Especially after we made friends with Romela from the Phillipines.  She was so friendly that we ended up tipping her extra on the first day.  After that, it seems that our drinks had an little or a lot more umphhhh to them!! I even had to ask for extra ice one time!!

We also befriended Phillip from India.  He was a dealer in the Casino.  Phillip was a nice guy but I can’t say as many good things about Phillip because he swindled money from all of us.  As we were playing Black jack, I cannot tell you how many times I had a 20 and he ended up with black jack.  It was incredible.  I will refrain from saying anything more because we gave him a business card and he said he was going to check out the SGT website.  If you are reading this Philliip, I must ask how many more people you have swindled since we left???  Hahaha!!  Gilbert and I ended up winning $440 from a Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine.  First $40 then $250 then $100 then $50.  Right after we hit that last $50 Ronnie won $125 fron the same machine.  That Wheel of Fortune slot machine ROCKED!!!

We spent tons of time with the “Piano Man” Michael.  He was mesmerizing.  He played the piano and the guitar and belted out so many songs by memory.  He was amazing.  The best part was when he convinced Michelle’s husband, Ronnie to sing a song with him.  Ronnie plays the guitar and has an amazing voice.  It was awesome!!! 





I am so excited to introduce two new instructors.  Ok, so they are not new to SGT, in fact they are long time Good Time Girls.  However, they are new to teaching. 

Lizett was one of the very first customers to walk through our doors when we opened in the summer of 2004.  She began working for us about a year later.  Lizett has a knack for mini books and altered projects.  She will be teaching her first class on August 23rd.  It is called “Partying with Friends” .  It is Super Cute!!  We did not have a calendar class this year and so many people have expressed how much they miss it. Guess What??? I convinced Lizett to teach the 2009 Calendar Class.  Look forward to that soon!!

Heidi has been working at SGT for about a year now.  Many of you know Heidi as Dr. Heidi Ho from Scrap Therapy.  She has been loading you up with tons of Therapy since last November.  Talk about ENERGY, Heidi has tons of it!!  We lost our Juniors class when Nancy and Marisa left..boohoo!!  And again, lots of you were asking when we were going to bring it back.  Great news!!  Heidi is going to teach the Juniors Class.  You know, I really couldn’t think of a better match.  Heidi really has a way with the kids.  Somehow or another she manages to round them up in the store and before you know it they are helping her straighten up the store.  It really is something else!!  Look for Heidi’s first Juniors class on August 17.

Woohooooo!!  I am so excited about our New Instructors and new classes!!! Be sure to check then out and sign up before they fill up!!!



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