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Don’t you just hate technology!! But you also got to love it!!

Posted on: April 5, 2008

Everyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I absolutely LOVE my Silhouette!!  So just when you think you have it all, technology keeps coming up with something new to entice me to buy once again.  And if you also know me, I have to have it all!!  Well, my favorite new find at CHA was the new Inspiration 12×12 cutter from Pazzles.   I coudn’t wait to get my hands on one, and it didn’t help when Gilbert won the only machine they were giving away at CHA!!  So NOT fair!!  He loves technology too, so he was too busy playing with it himself to share with me.  Thats OK, I wouldn’t have shared either!  After what seems like forever waiting for my new machine, I finally got to sit down and play with it today.   I should have been prepping for my next class (only 3 days away) but I couldn’t tear myself away.  I checked out the Pazzles website which has loads of great info on the cutter and I ran across a free download in honor of National Scrapbook Month.  Free!!!  I just had to push that download button.  Well, one thing lead to another, and before I new it the day was gone.  But I had so much fun!!  The layout literally took minutes to cut out.  I loved the squares cutout of the 12×12 paper.  I always feel like I get stuck trying to come up with new and different ideas and this was different for me.  My brain is now filled with possibilities.  I love the easy features on the software.  You can weld with the click of a button and it even has auto tracing!!  Can’t get any easier than that.  It was easy to figure out the basics and I’m looking forward to finding out all that this machine can do.  So, now that I LOVE my Inspiration you are probably wondering what’s going to happen to my Silhouette.  Well, it still sits right next to the Inspiration.  They are my BFF’s!!  They both have their own wonderful features so I just can’t part with either of them.  If someone was to ask me which one I like best, I don’t think I could choose one over the other.  My advice would be to look at the features each machine has and decide which will work best for your own personal use.  My advice would also be that if you do not own one of these cutters you ABSOLUTELY don’t know what you are missing.  They are totally AWESOME!!   I always hear that they are just too expensive, but in the long run they will save you hundreds of dollars by creating your own titles, letters, and embellishments.  And if you create it yourself, you have a “one of a kind!”  So, now I love my Silhouette and my Inspiration!!  WhooHoo!!!!  Stop by SGT and check out the layout in person (the picture doesn’t do it justice).  Julie

3 Responses to "Don’t you just hate technology!! But you also got to love it!!"

Ohhh, Julie! I am so, so jealous. Don’t tell me I have to buy a Pazzles now. I just love my Silhouette and I know I could never part with it, but your layout makes me want a Pazzles. I am so green with envy. I can hardly wait to see your layout in person. It looks beautiful!

As always, your layout just blew me away. Glad you’re enjoying your new toy! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

Have fun,

Juuuuuulieeeeee! 🙂

I had to get it, too, Lol 🙂 I have the Inspiration and I have barely gotten to play with it, but you know the first thing I had to do was cut some chipboard shapes! Lol 🙂 It’ll be wonderful to play with, and I can’t wait til I get my embossing and engraving tips in!

I absolutely LOVE my Silhouette, I would never willingly part with it!

Different things for different purposes, I mean, you wouldn’t bring backpack to a wedding, right? So you have to have a handpurse AND a backpack because you aren’t going to be going to weddings everyday and you will need to go hiking sometimes, right?

Okay, maybe it’s not the best analogy, Lol, but I think it’s true none-the-less! I always reach for my Silhouette first (if mostly because it’s smaller and easier to fit next to me, hehe!)

I hope you continue having a blast with yours! (Vivina, you can justify both, c’mon! It’s a business expense! Hehe) 🙂


(And I couldn’t believe Gilbert won Wednesday’s Inspiration either! Lol! Lucky Guy!!) 🙂

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