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Well, I’m finally learning how to post pictures on the blog (thanks to my daughter).  I took some photos at our recent 12-hour crop.  It was really a full house, and a lot of beautiful work was created that day!  I love walking up and down the tables and peeking at everyone’s stuff.


This is Cindy and Renee.  Cindy is a whiz on the Silhouette.  She’s been coming to the 12-hour crops every month for almost a year.  She makes all kinds of cute little cards and gifts.  Now she always brings her Silhouette and laptop.  It’s amazing watching her scroll through all her artwork and fonts to create her fabulous projects.  Check out her blog on SGT’s favorites, Cynful Designs.


This is Julie and Jill.  More easily and affectionately referred to as “the twins.”  It took me months to figure out who’s who, and I still have to double-check.  They love putting stuff on hold and telling me the other one’s name! The twins have been attending our 12-hour crops since we started over a year ago.   Lately they’ve been doing some organizing, something we all need to do to keep track of our pictures and all the new goodies we buy. 

 dscf0201small.jpg    Here’s Rosa (in the middle), who is enjoying her free 12-hour crop that she won at a recent SGT store event, with her friends Tina and Anna. 

 I’ll try and get some pictures of more of the girls and their work at the next crop.  Stay tuned…


Kathleen McDonald has been my best friend for 23 years and is a pediatric emergency room nurse in Boston. (pretty impressive, huh?!) She visited the SGT website at work the other day and shared it with her friends. They all loved our store! “look at all the stuff they have!”, “that store is so big!”, “we need to go there!” Poor Kath had to rain on their parade and let them know we were in Southern California! That reminded me of my visit to Boston last June. I tried to scope out scrapbook stores around New England and you know what I found? Not a whole heck of a lot! They have very few scrapbook stores scattered throughout the region. We are so lucky that we have SGT and all of the ultra fabulous product and classes. Hmmm, that gives me another thought…a coast to coast Tour de Crop!! Now wouldn’t THAT be somethin’!!

Posted on: March 26, 2008


Yeah! Now you can put away that old ironing board and iron because the Pebbles Ribbon Iron is back in stock! This is one of the greatest tools to have around.  I love using ribbon on all my projects and this is the one tool I reach for every time I bring out my ribbon box.  You just plug it in, wait a couple of minutes for it to heat and then slide it across your ribbon.  It’s super easy to use and the results are amazing…NO MORE WRINKLES! Hurry in to buy yours ASAP.  This tool is a must have and is sure to sell out quickly.

Hey girls,
Are you like me we buy all kinds of srapbooking supplies and then we buy organizers to be able to find all the supplies……but then new better organizers come out and we re-organize our supplies. Then new products come out like larger chipboard letters and they don’t fit into the old organizers so then you need new ones again. But the best part is the feeling you have after you have just reorganized everthing and you know exactly what you have and where it is!!!! Yes I have a sickness do you have it too? Scrappin Good Times has Dot Box by Cottage Mills which are my newest oganizers. They fit perfect in the Art Bin bags which I love on my Scrap Weekends. I also just transfered all my Bassill cardstock into the Cropper Hopper 12×12 paper holders and I love them. It makes it so easy to see the colors of my paper now. Yes I just reorganized for the……I don’t know how many times I lost count But boy does it feel good. Do you need some purple doodle Bug letters I know exactly where they are……

It’s about that time again. Yep the 12 Hour crop is right around the corner. The 12 hour crop is scheduled for April 5 from 10am-10pm. 12 whole hours of croping with friends and new product at your finger tips some of us can’t hardly wait. And the cost is only $20. Wow that is such a steal. But you need to sign up fast because there crops are selling out so fast. I am sure it is probably sold out but call SGT and get your name on a waiting list or sign up for the next crop in June. You are not going to want to miss out on all the FUN!!!!

At the end of February, I blogged about those awesome Protect a Page holders for your clear stamp storage. They seem to be a hit because they are now gone. But, no worries, we ordered 100 more and they should be here any day now. Not to change the subject, but remember way back when stickers were all the rage??? Everyone stored their stickers in the PSB (Paper Sticker Binder) by Crop in Style. They had different refill pages with different sized pockets to hold all of your “beloved” stickers. Well now stickers of that style are pretty much history, but dust off those PSB’s if you still have them. The 12×12 Protect a Page holders fit perfectly in your old and ancient Paper Sticker Binder. Just a little FYI.

On a different note, I am off to Vegas on Thursday!!!! Yeah… so if you don’t see me back at work on Monday morning, I must of hit the Progressive Slots jackpot. J/K. Michelle

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