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If you haven’t checked it out lately, you might want to take a look at the TV Show, Scrapbook Memories. They have been showing a lot of current scrapping ideas that can help your creative juices flow. Check out for local stations and show times.  Or search for the BYU station.  That’s the one I view it on.  A few of their recent guests–Stacy Croninger, Editor of Paper Crafts and Stacy Julian, Editor-in-Chief of Simple Scrapbooks.  They are also showing a lot of Digital scrapbooking ideas.  Don’t forget to Tivo them so you can watch the shows anytime you want.  Enjoy!

Have you picked up the latest issue (April/May 2008) of Paper Crafts Magazine? You should check it out.  More card ideas than one would know what to do with…from Birthday, Mothers’ Day, Friend, Thanks, Hi, Welcome, Congrats, Baby Shower, Invitations, and much much more. You won’t be disappointed. Drop by SGT and pick up yours today before it is too late.
Sandy M. aka Scrapdog1

Michelle’s MessWhat a Mess!! Get a load of the crop tables!! Why is being creative always soooooo MESSY!!

Vivina’s Mess

Yesterday, we received the last of the things we purchased for the goodie bags for the Bus Tour on March 15. (Are you signed up yet???) We took everything out of the boxes and got to work. We had a beautiful sample completed just as it was time for everyone to leave. Thank goodness we did not have any classes scheduled so we were able to leave everything on the crop tables overnight.

This morning we came in ready to prep all of the goodie bags. Barbara, Michelle, my mom and I worked on it all day long. We were trucking along and I suddenly got the feeling that we might be able to complete all 120 goodie bags. Well, we were very close but the time crept up on us and we started to get a little nervous because we had a Friday Night Crop followed by a Saturday crop. The tables needed to be cleared by 5:45 at the latest!! One of our croppers, Linda showed up early. That turned out to be a blessing because she offered to help. We got the tables cleared off just in the nick of time!!

I love productive days like today. You know the days where you accomplish more than you set out to. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it feels great!! Especially since I am taking a few days of R & R and taking my best guy (Gilbert) to one of our favorite places, Lake Havasu, Arizona!! Wooohoooo!!

We still have a lot to do for the bus tour, but this was a huge accomplishment!!! Now I will be able to enjoy my weekend and come back and hit the ground running!!


P.S. I am getting SOOOO EXCITED for the Bus Tour. Did I already ask if you are signed up yet???????

I was in the store this afternoon, just can’t seem to stay away even on my day off. But I have to tell you, whoever is on the bus tour is in for a treat. Michelle, Vivina and Trish where putting  together goodie boxes which where super cute. You still have time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that it is becoming an epidemic at Scrappin’ Good Times!  TWO MORE people

on the floor!!! sgt-018.jpg


Is this the part where I say “My name is Kristin and I am SO NOT a recovering scrapoholic” ?!?!

Floral Font LayoutFloral Font Layout

If you read Kristin’s post about the free font giveaway and took advantage of it (“Font-astic’ on 3/6/08), one of the fonts you hopefully downloaded was DF Floragraphy. When I saw this font, I immediately thought of my Silhouette.  The inspriration was so powerful that I even was able to throw together a layout today using some color combinations I have been thinking about. Here’s a picture. All of the flowers were cut from the Silhouette in a matter of minutes. I used the letters B, E, O, S & Z to get my flowers in this font.

While it looks like it may have taken a while, it really only took me a couple of hours to cut, design, and adhere. I can’t wait to throw some black and whites of Hannah on it and turn it in to the store. 

 ~ Krista

“The Double Dutch Bus Is Coming Down The Street………… For those of you who missed the last bus tour, You know I love to sing!!!  It’s usually one liners but sometimes it could be a whole verse if your lucky. They say I should go out for American Idol, but I’m just too busy…….You know classes, the sales at the store, getting my green get up ready for the bus tour!!!!!! So I’m just warning you now, if you don’t want to get pinched ya better have your green get up on too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rebecca, Lolita Forsha ana or something like that….

Of course 3 hours after I am in the store my sister Julie calls me and tells me LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE is in!!!! It was my favorite product at CHA. For any of you who have boy’s you are going to love it!!!! I am buying 2 of everything….It is great for school, surfing, skating, any thing boy. I am racing to the store now you better get it quick cause it going to go fast!
gogo (Traci)

THis guy is just too awesome not to pass on to the blogging world.  There are several guys that do this type of art but I think he was one of the originals to do it in front of a crowd like this.  Anyways…. here he is….Dan Dunn:

 Awesome, huh?


This weekend is not just a 12-hour crop but a Power Crop Weekend.  A group of scrapbookers (myself included of course) will be arriving around 6:00 on Friday night, cropping till 11:00.  Then we get to leave everything there, go home for a couple of hours sleep, and return the next morning at 10:00 a.m. and pick up where we left off for 12 more hours!  I can’t wait. 

If you haven’t attended a crop at SGT, now’s the time to try it.  The prices have all just been slashed, the Friday night crop being the best deal in town.  Twice a month we’ll have a $5, no frills crop 6:00 to 11:00.  And we have a 12-hour crop scheduled for one Saturday every month all year, and the price of the 12-hour has also dropped to $20! What better place to crop than being surrounded by any material you might need to complete your pages and plenty of inspiration for those dry spells when scrapper’s block strikes!

If you want to see some serious croppers, drop by on Saturday.  If you’ve never been a traveling scrapbooker and want to learn how to “pack up and go,” I can show you what I’ve learned from Julie, Pamela and Trish about organizing and fitting all my favorite embellishments into ArtBin rolling luggage.  You’ll love it!  Look for me at the end of the table or ask for Barbara…

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