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On Saturday March 8 I am staying for the 12 hour crop, hopefully I will be able to last (just kidding).  Finally I get to do something for myself and finish up some of my pages of my scrapbook.  I just can’t wait, hanging out friends, hearing about new ideas and techniques  are always fun too.  The next 12 hour crop isn’t until April 5, but you better hurry fast because these crops are filling up fast.  

I am dying to use the new 12 inch dies from quickutz.  I have so many ideas and I want to use them so bad, but I don’t have a plate to put them on.  UGHHHHHHH I don’t know if I am gonna make it to April.  

I have just added 2 new classes. The March family series and the Life mini album classes were sold out, but now you are in luck. A new family series class has been added for Tuesday, April 1 from 6-8:00p.m. A new Life mini album class has been added for Wednesday April 9, from 6-9:00 p.m. Sign up quickly to reserve your space. Julie

Zach’s Life

I just left the store and Barbara was busy Zach’s LifeZach’s Lifeinputting a favorite line from all the designers at CHA. It’s the Zach’s Life from Little Yellow Bicycle. Awesome boy line!! Hurry, it might be gone even before it reaches the shelves.

Don’t forget!!  Dr. Heidi will be in every Thursday from 5 pm – 7 pm for SCRAP THERAPY!! 

Here is how it will work…

  • Every month we will feature a different manufacturer and a different technique.                                                    
  • Each week during that month we will have a different make and take using the featured manufacturer and technique. 
  • Each week a different Good Time Girl will design the make and take.
  • For the entire month we will offer special discounts on those featured manufacturer’s products and techniques!! 

During the month of March we are featuring the manufacturer 3 Bugs in a Rug and using Felt as the technique.  Selected 3 Bugs in a Rug will be 50% off and all open stock Felt will be 25% off. 

Scrap Therapy! You know you need it!!  Let’s face it….This is the only place you can go that will enable you to be a SCRAPBOOK ADDICT!!!  The make and take will cost you a few dollars but the Therapy is FREEEEEEE!!! 

  Checkbook Cover

March 6    Checkbook Cover  – Designer Barbara Meek    –    Cost is $3


March 13    Bell Box   Designer Judy Powers   Cost is $3


March 20    Stampendous Clear Pail   Designer Valeree Calderon   Cost is $6 


Ok I am going to give you a big heads up!!  If you walk into the store and you see two or three of us on the floor, we are most likely admiring NEW PRODUCT from CHA!!!!  Feel free to join us!!!  So here is what we received yesterday.  

Two new collections  from Daisy Bucket. All of the papers are double sided and both sides are BEAUTIFUL!! Whats a girl to do??? Are you thinking what I am thinking??  Yupppp, I bought four sheets of each!!! And YES, I was sitting the floor admiring it!!

We also received GCD.  They are a New Manufacturer that just debuted at CHA.  I like it because it is different.  Unusual but fabulous color combinations!!   These papers are all double sided.  One side has a pattern and the other is a distressed solid.  I held back and only bought 3 of these!!!

I had at least a dozen calls from manufacturers. They wall want my credit card number so they can ship the NEW STUFF!! Here are the companies that have called so far. Dream Street Papers, Pebbles, Inc., Paper Salon,  Little Yellow Bicycle, Stamping Station, Zutter, 3 Bugs in a Rug, Moxxie, Bo Bunny and Creative Impressions!! I am doing this from memory.  I know there is more, I just can’t remember who.  You may see us all sprawled across the floor ALOT!!

We are busy condensing and we are getting ready to put some things on clearance.  Watch the newsletter I think there may be a CLEARANCE SALE  in the near future!! 


80s-picture0001.jpgAfter reading Trish’s blog below about Lizett’s party, I remembered with much laughter my last 80’s birthday party. Of course, I went out of the house looking (pink hair, fishnet stockings, boots, makeup, and short skirt) the way my DAD would never approve. We had such a good time, and yes, that is my darling husband, mohawk and all. The funny story is that he really did have a mohawk in high school…good thing he came to his senses or we would never be married. So Trish, we need to see pictures of Lizett, oh and please don’t anyone tell my Dad. I think he would still ground me today if he saw what I looked like.


michelle-in-the-truck1.jpgJulie in the TruckJulie in the TruckJulie in the Truck michelle-in-the-truck1.jpg

I am a little behind loading up my photos but I thought these were too funny to pass up.  As usual, our lucky Gilbert won everything there was to win, including new fixtures for the store.  Trish and Gilbert rented a truck and after loading them, Michelle, Julie and I took a ride back to our cars – YES inside the back of the truck. 

We were tossed everywhere and laughing so hard, I think I peed my pants.  I have to say, CHA was an experience and my ride home was no exception…start looking out for all the new products…it’s going to be good.  ~Pamela

Julie in the Truck 


Good morning everyone!  Just a quick post everyone before the kiddies are off to school…Yes you have read it right the new Cosmo Cricket is in.  They have the cutest new paper lines out this season.  My personal favorite is the boy line called Cogsmo. It has the cutest robots you have ever seen.  Also the much anticipated Blackboard is here too.  It’s basically black chipboard but it comes in cool shapes like scalloped and that really cool antique border that’s really hot right now.  Come by the store to check it all out.

Saturday Gilbert and I went to Lizett’s 25th Birthday Bash.  It was an 80’s themed party.  The most unusual thing is that Lizett was born in 1983, therefore she was only alive for seven years during the 80’s. What could she possibly know about that decade?? Strange, but she loves it!!

Being the procrastinator that I am, I waited until the last minute to look through our costume box from our last 80’s party.  I only found bits and pieces.  I looked at the clock to see if I could make it to a Thrift Store but it was already 6:30 so no luck there.  I must say that I came up with some fabulous last minute costumes.  We dressed in our everyday party clothes and claimed that we were dressed as….BACK TO THE FUTURE!!  We said…this is what you are going to look like in 20 years……and yes BIG HAIR IS STILL IN!!  At least for me it is, there is nothing I can do to tame this head of curly hair!! 

Lizett had the side ponytail, jelly shoes, hot pink sweater, thick belt, mini skirt and leggings.  She looked sooooo totally 80’s!!  Her guests went all out.  I have never seen that many leg warmers…well since 1983!!  I saw a Michael Jackson, one of the guys from Miami Vice, tons of Madonna’s, some break dancers and a Def Lepard dude!!   

There were albums hanging everywhere and get this….the centerpieces were balloons tied to BOTTLES OF AQUANET HAIRSPRAY!!  She had a mobile caterer serving delicious tacos, rice, beans and all the fixings.  She had a list of drinks on every table, several beers, sodas and to die for mixed drinks!!  I indulged in a few mixed drinks and Lizett was well on her way to having a very unforgettable (well she might not remember all of it) evening!!  After a little while Lizett ordered all the guys to move the dinner tables off the DANCE FLOOR.  The DJ fired up all those fun 80’s songs!!  It only took a few minutes for the dance floor to fill up.  What a fabulous party!! It reminded me that I cannot wait for Big Hair to be back in style!! We had so much fun!!  Trish

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